Entry #14

Ever get the feeling that you are not alone? In entry 14, we find out that that Lok is full or surprises…

Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 3:51:10 AM (ScreenShot0272) 

On the way out of Nosuns door, I was presented with a something I’d never see again. A baby Dalyrake was just sitting there, all by itself. It’s highly unusual to come across a baby in the wild without a pack of the same species surrounding it… but this lil guy, for some reason, was just sitting there in the bushes. I decided to adopt her, named her “Lain,” and had her forever. Don’t ask me how I knew it was a girl… CH’s just know these things. Kind of like Homer, Lain wasn’t much of a fighter, but she was cool to leave on my front doorstep to let people know I was home.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 3:51:10 AM (ScreenShot0273) 

Ahh, the “Battleground,” I believe it was called? I cant remember because the devs never even friggin turned them on! These things were borked from day one. The PVP community was super pissed, but eventually let the gripe go because, as we would all learn, having even low expectations of the SOE dev team was setting the bar too high. But on top of them not working, the turrets would sporadically fire off rounds at passers by. Warbucks was notorious for getting laid out by this anomaly, which is possibly the reason why he’s only made one screenshot in the story so far.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 3:59:12 AM (ScreenShot0275) 

Ballrog, almost fully grown by this point, overlooks Coronet from a distance. The Rebellion used this city (along with Anchorhead) as a general base of operations. We’d run Rebel Terminal missions in groups, or solo. What that meant was, although the Imperials could shuttle in, and siege the major player populated areas of Coro, they would have a hard time regrouping because of so many Rebels out in the field. On top of that, once they did take the city, the Rebels would organize via the private comm channels that Flo mentioned, and attempt to repel the attack. The same can be said of Theed & Bestine for the Imperials as well. You could take those cities, but they had a lot of stragglers running missions, so if they had someone to coordinate them, they’d eventually send you packing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 4:11:21 AM (ScreenShot0276) 

As I arrived in Coronet, I met my first Bio-Engineer. To be honest, I didn’t, and still don’t know all of their capabilities. What I did know was, this guy would most likely benefit from my wheeling and dealing. I’m not sure if he stuck around or not, but as you can see from the chat spam, I was always offering a hand to fledgling entrepreneurs. I asked him what he was able to do, and then I passed that info on to everyone I know who I thought might be interested. I would do this a dozen times a day. If I saw someone with an interesting title, I’d ask him what he did. If I saw someone griding a mob that I knew was dropping quality harvestables, I’d ask him if he wanted to make a deal. Most of these guys were just throwing it up on the Bazaar anyway. Why not get them involved in the bigger money, or just buy it from them and resell it if they were lazy or didn’t “get” the concept of networking.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 4:11:21 AM (ScreenShot0277) 

“Entertainers” were now dancers and musicians. Some even mastered their professions. I was still an entertainer myself, but I was slowly dropping skill boxes as I was approaching both master pistoleer and master CH. It never stopped me from stepping into any cantina that had people in it though. Cantinas were where the real information was. These people heard everything. They knew about everyones travels. I would group up with them, and sometimes just keep quiet and read the group chat, extracting valuable nuggets of interest. A high quality meat spawn on Rori? An awesome spawn of copper on Yavin? Imperial movements in Talus? And the biggest one of all… Baz Nitch missions on Dathomir were bugged, letting you hit their nest a few times, and paying you the credits without you ever engaging any of the mobs… all this information would show up on my chat and then get filtered to Flo or Ramp or whoever else could keep a secret and profit off it. And the entertainers? I tipped the **** out of them.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 6:00:32 PM (ScreenShot0278) 

I actually remember this conversation really well. Chat was bugged, people were coming up as “SOMEBODY” instead of their real name. Needless to say it made my business life an effin nightmare. I was trying to hook up Darkghosty and Florian for a while, but it wasn’t easy… Alistea was no fan of the Imperial cause, but Flo knew Darkghosty was a good guy, and a personal friend of mine, so they had to find a way to interact without drawing attention. I’m sure poor Nosun did a lot of running around that day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 12:43:09 AM (ScreenShot0281) 

Darkghosty’s “brother,” Evilghosty wanted help getting some xp. His “brother” turned out to be an alt. DG was the first person I knew that had multiple SWG accounts. He didn’t tell me for a good couple months, but when I found out, I was kinda floored. I never even thought of doing it. In my mind, I loved what I did, so I didn’t want to do anything different. But it made sense, cause other then playing on two servers, the only way you could craft and be a good combatant, was to have alts. And if you wanted to gear your combatant with your crafter, then playing on two servers would be of no help to you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 12:59:59 AM (ScreenShot0283) 

Yes the ground rumbled wherever I went. Yes, I lagged out people with crappy rigs. No, I do not feel bad!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 1:40:51 AM (ScreenShot0285) 

Is it starting to look repetitive? By now, I could grab a few random guys at the starport, they would pay me to bring them on a Kimo hunt, and I would just stand off in the distance and let Ballrog & Rain screw around in the fight. It was almost disrespectful to the Kimogilas to be honest. What was once something that shook fear and inspired awe, now was something of a casual dealing for me. It was almost like I owned all of Lok sometimes. I was making cash just by standing on the damn planet. It started going to my head. In my mind, Nym was going to be answering to Vroflus soon. Things were escalating, we were about to be the first official guild on Lok, yet another reputational triumph to lord over the noobs.

But it didn’t happen like that whatsoever…

This entry has no screenshots. By this time, the official forums were starting to catch trade related fire. People were now saying “I’ll buy item X for Y cpu,” that type of thing (official trade boards killed 80% of my business in a couple quick months). And that’s not the only fire the forums were catching. SWG had it’s share of drama, I don’t think I have to tell anyone about that. As a matter of fact, our very own braggart Kastore Nuktan got himself into a little pissing match with a woman by the name of Purgatori Fire around this time. The day we landed on Lok, he made a post on the SOE boards telling the world that we were first. Weeks later, he made another post, explaining that we were Lok’s first player guild (SWG EMU is in the process of archiving the old Lithium boards… when this process is complete, I’ll be able to retrieve these posts, word for word).

Now as far as guilds on Lok go, in our minds, we were first. We considered ourselves a guild, and we were the first ones to set foot on the planet, that cannot be disputed. But Purgatori Fire believed otherwise, after all, not only had they just acquired a PA Hall, but her and her crazy ass band of PVP centric Rebels placed the friggin thing on a sulfer lake close to the Volcano on Lok. It was insanity, even to me. This was about an hour walk from the Starport, assuming you lived to even get there. And not only did they put down a PA Hall, but they already had a small township built. The guild was either called <COL> or <GOL>, one of the first guilds on the server. Here’s an excerpt of how the guild was invented, which runs parallel to my early days before I knew of their existence:

From the Purgatori Fire files – (without her permission)

It is about at this point in the story where I had scouted out the location again on LOK, to make sure it was still there since Beta, and returned to my starting city of Corellia to encourage my Mon Cal friend, who’s name unfortunately eludes me, to hurry and gather more ore for my damn house. I was so anxious to place it on that lake (where the guild hall is currently) before anyone else could. I was not going to lose that spot no matter what.

I returned to Coronet and went back to the medical facility (I started out as a medic) and sat there healing all the new and inexperienced people of their wounds and things. Having played beta they were asking me a TON of questions about how to do this, how and where to train, and what planets were the best. So many questions I was asked until i could stand no more. Sakkara and I would weave elaborate tails of fancy to ensure people would return to us (severely damaged) so we could treat them for wounds and get more experience. I recall one particular person named Jacent, who later became my close friend, asking me how he could train to be a Bounty Hunter. Sakkara and I told him that you had to go to Dathomir and speak to a “Nightsister Elder”. We cautioned him that you had to approach slowly and show much respect. If she attacks you that you should NOT attack back or attempt to run as you will anger her and lose faction with them. If you failed, you would have to try again until she spoke to you. Needless to say he was at it all day long and in HORRIBLE need of medical treatment before he finally caught on that we were messing with him. But we made a friend for life, he saw the humor in our ruse and we all had a great laugh.

Shortly after, I got a tell from my Mon Cal friend telling me my house was ready. I nabbed it and ran to LOK as quickly as possible and placed the house. Jacent Sky had asked if he could put one down there as well, followed by a few of my friends from FotS, Hidden Agenda, Alpha Vibe and Rivver Eweyn. Other small Rebel groups were soon to follow suit and together we decided to call ourselves the “Protectors of LOK” (But unofficially since no guildhalls were possible yet). I remember every one of them telling me I was nuts and that this was WAY too far out of the way. The walk was HELL so all I could do to prevent them from just running off to an easier location was this: I would sit them down, tell them of the vision of the future, and through much persuasion I managed to keep them there and on Lok. It took some time for them to share in my vision for our group. They wanted to relocate to Corellia or Naboo where it was not such a huge cumbersome and deadly walk to get to our houses, but I refused. We begin to make a joke out of how many times we died getting there, and to toughen up, we would duel constantly and level up together elsewhere.

In the beggining. dueling was not an option. In fact it was how we gave rank within the guild. The “Walk” of course was also not an option since no alternatives existed. Several times a day we would make that walk back and forth… to meet, duel, exchange goods and information and just have fun in our remote location.

As for early rules and regulations to govern us, prior to having a guild hall:

Kill or be killed.
Never say Die.
No creature too big or too tough.
If you missed 3 meetings in row, you were out.
You must declare rebel.
You do not charge guild members for goods or services, period.
No matter where you were, what you were doing, you came when you were called to help.

Those were pretty much the only rules that governed us in the beginning. And as a side note, LOK as a planet was my second choice. Originally I wanted to build next to the Nightsister Enclave on Dathomir, but building was not allowed there, so I picked the next most difficult challenge… LOK. Looking back I realize that had we built there it would have been a tragedy of enormous proportions (Until we killed enough Singing Mountain Clan that is) But I am glad LOK was available for building and not Dathomir. Guardians of Dathomir is a little… well… Walking around with GOD as a guild tag would have been too much, right?


I took that off of our old guild site. Basically, everything in that quote was going on prior to me even knowing about these people… which is insanity, considering how well versed I was with that planet. How the hell did these people stay under my radar? Who was this person sparring with Kastore on the SOE boards? I had to contact her in game and tell her what was what. I sent her an in game mail and told her a face to face meeting was in order. We (me, Ramp, Ciale, Zox) felt we were the first guild on Lok, and we wanted them to understand that they could not clam that as their own. They on the other hand, had the guild hall built, and the guild actually created. Purgatori responded, told me if I wanted to meet, it was going to be in the city of Purgatory, and sent me a waypoint.

From the Purgatori Fire files –

I do recall you and I speaking in tells prior to you coming down, and me telling everyone that we had to gather for a meeting with you.-Purg
I’m going to leave this part of the story right here. We’ll get back to the guild talk in a few entries from now. Just know that we were not friendly in our mail conversation, although we were not antagonistic either. It was two people that both felt they were going to settle this dispute on their own terms. So I went on, business as usual… but this was now my top priority, always on my mind no matter what I was doing. It had huge implications, I just had to figure out how I would use it to the advantage of my operation.

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