To kill a Jedi…

Entry #16

Friday, July 18, 2003, 4:45:19 AM (ScreenShot0324) 

Vroflus – She’s going down
Junon – OK
You didn’t have to ask Junon twice. Sure I needed training in intermediate pistol marksmanship (which would give me more accuracy). But Junon couldn’t teach it to me, and you know we weren’t leaving Dath for any reason considering what was in front of us. And sure, our FWG5’s were packed with heat damage… to which she was 100% immune (not to mention she had an armor rating of 1, the FWG5 to the best of my recollection was not an armor piercing weapon at the time). Sure, it was just the two of us grouped together at the moment, and she had 100,000 hit points. But she was going down regardless.

Friday, July 18, 2003, 4:45:19 AM (ScreenShot0326) 

The real fight was Ballrog vs. the Nightsister Stalker. She didn’t even look at me or Junon (or our other pets). Ballrog kept aggro for the whole fight, so basically it was just up to me to spam heals on the group to keep our action up, and to keep Ballrogs health up. I’m not going to lie, it was a very long fight. It probably went on for over 5 minutes. But the thing was, we were stationary the whole time. For once we didn’t have to spend an entire fight worrying about backing into a nest of God knows what. We just stood there, let Ballrog tank, and slowly wore her down with health shots. Eventually it’d be an easy fight. Without Ballrog, we’d be in the cloner in about 20 seconds. With Ballrog, we were taking out Nightsisters without even getting hit ourselves. Junon and I went on to “duo” Nightsisters all night together.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:04:56 AM (ScreenShot0342) 

The next morning, I accepted the fact that I was going to have to go back to civilization to train in pistols. Much to my surprise, my old pal Rudd was just arriving on Dathomir, so he trained me and we grouped up. This would end up being a truly epic moment in time for both of us. We spent a little while catching up, he sliced all my weapons, and I showed him some good locations for Rancors and Nightsisters. Sliced FWG5’s in hand, we coordinated quick strikes, and made our way north of the outpost, across the river, and then eastward. We were doing very well for ourselves, and then the server crashed. After about 10 minutes, they came back up, and I jumped back onto Eclipse. Rudd had not logged back on yet. I figured I’d stay in the area, so if he did log back in, we’d get right back to business. And then… instead of Rudd reappearing, something entirely different spawned right before my eyes.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:11:40 AM (ScreenShot0343) 

Neoni Scibrema… a Dark Jedi Master. 23 days into launch, this was quite possibly the first ever Jedi sighting. She was 90% immune to everything, armor rating 3, 100k hit points. There was no way I was doing this by myself. I stayed out of aggro range, alt-tabbed to AIM, and told Ciale Yhagai to drop what he was doing, and to get his ass online. No one wanted to see this more then Ciale. Minutes later I saw his name pop online, and he was already asking for coords.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:22:32 AM (ScreenShot0346) 

The wait for Ciale felt like 20 years. He arrived dragging half of the mobs on Dath behind um. I watched the poor guy run around in the hills for like 5 minutes trying to shake a pack of Reptilian Flyers that were taking chunks out of his rear end. Finally he made his way over to me, and he had relatively bad news. He saw other players in the area on his way over. There was no time to plan. If we wanted to do this ourselves, we had to just jump into it. We got into range, and we sent the pets. We had two Rancors and a Malkloc. The damage numbers were flying up the screen at record pace, and the size of the numbers were completely epic, like none we’ve ever seen. In contrast, we were hitting her for like -100. Rain smashed to the ground in about 20 seconds. The worst part was, her hits were massive area hits, so the Rancors were both about dead in less then two minutes. We tried to run in there and heal them but before we even got halfway, they both smashed to the ground in front of us. Ciale was then one hit DB’d from about 25m. I burstran the hell out of there before he even hit the ground. When I was at a safe distance, I looked up, and she was just lording over them all, staring me down. We had to figure something else out, because clearly this head on approach was suicide.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:35:30 AM (ScreenShot0351) 

Ciale finally made it back from the cloner, and he brought with him some random guy from the outpost. The three of us sat in my camp trying to figure out if this was even possible. After careful consideration, we formulated a plan that might actually work. We’d hit her in waves. A Rancor would tank, and one of us would have to stay within healing distance for it, while we all shot at her from a distance. If the Rancor went down, we’d send in the second one. If the guy healing the Rancor went down, one of the other two guys would take his place while he burstran back from the cloner (this plan was possible because we were only about 2000m from the outpost). Ciale sent in his Rancor, and slowly he followed it in to heal.

The plan was working for about 2 minutes. She started showing damage, but the Rancor looked a lot worse then she did. Ciale couldn’t heal it fast enough, and he made the mistake of getting in too close, and was insta-DB’d. The other guy ran right in, and picked up the healing slack. When Ciales Rancor was about to die, I sent in Ballrog. By this point, the fight was 4 or 5 minutes long. She was past half health, we were getting there! The medic was then insta-DB’d along with Ciale, so I ran in. Ballrog smashed to the ground soon enough, and she turned her attention to me. I sent in my probe droid, and he was smashed to pieces in one or two hits. I sent in Rain, and he starting taking huge damage. I was now spamming oversharge shots and health shots trying to DOT her. Rain smashed down, and that was it. I had no more tricks up my sleeve. All I had left was terrain negotiation, so I started kiting her until the other guys got back. Ciale showed up first with about ¼ health. She caught up to me, and he managed to pull aggro his way. She turned to him, and DB’d him again. By some miracle, Ciale bought me just enough time to get a few more rounds off… and finally, after 10minutes, two incapped Rancors, an incapped Malkloc, a destroyed Probe Droid, and two DB’d players… she died in front of me.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:47:55 AM (ScreenShot0355) 

I didn’t even get a chance to tell Ciale she died, another one dropspawned right on top of me. I was DB’d instantly. We ran back as fast as we could, and there she was, just standing there waiting. We camped, healed up, and went right back at it. The formula worked, but again, we were DB’d over and over in the process. Ciale took the worst of it for some reason, but I was determined to take her out because I got to loot the first Jedi, and this one was his to loot. I still hadn’t even checked what the first one dropped, things were happening too fast to even open my inventory.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:47:55 AM (ScreenShot0356) 

The damage she was dealing was off the charts. -3500 a hit to both action and health. And in return, we were just scratching her in the low 100’s. Both fights were completely drawn out, the second one took over 15 minutes. Ciale was getting frustrated, as he was DB’d more than the other group members throughout the entire process. I told him that I didn’t care if it took all day, he’d get the loot if he was in the cloner or at the scene of the battle.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 8:00:05 AM (ScreenShot0358) 

3824 Pistol XP. 380 Combat XP. 4000k CH XP, because I had two pets in the fight. And multiply that all by two, because I was there for the first fight as well. The XP was just insane. In comparison, the Nightsisters were giving around 700 I think. As promised, Ciale got the loot… but she had none. We can speculate that the other guy in our group took it, but we don’t know for sure. After all the commotion, Ciale really had nothing to show for it. On the topic of loot, I finally opened up my inventory. The first Jedi dropped about 20 items, while Ciales dropped nothing. It was an assortment of collectables, broken shards, an unequipable broken lightsaber, and then a bunch of bowcasters, laser rifles, dusters, and wookie garb. If I remember correctly, the stats were “meh.” I told Ciale we’d split the loot, but he wouldn’t have it. “You looted it, its yours Vro.” That was Ciale for you. As much as he wanted this stuff, he felt it wasn’t his to take. And as much as I wanted him to have it, he wouldn’t take it.

I brought the stuff back to my house on Lok, and placed it around the perimeter of the circular back room. I never once picked any of it up again. I don’t have any screenshots of it now, but I did see them later on into the screenshot sequence, so we’ll see the “Jedi loot room” in a later entry. Suffice to say, this just added to the “crazy guy who built on Lok” image that I now had. Word got around, and people were visiting my house when I wasn’t even there just to see the shards and lightsaber in the back room. I was getting random tells asking where I got them, and even better, my business contacts would hear about it, see for themselves, and now more than ever know that I was serious. I wasn’t just some guy helping them get resources or items, I was the guy who even had a lightsaber in his house. The concept was completely unheard of just 23 days in.

I really wished it was in Ciales house instead, but this is the way it went down. I got the loot and the XP on both kills, even though he wanted it more. He was really into the idea of figuring out how to unlock Jedi since beta. In my mind, what would be a cooler gift to the guy then shards and a lightsaber? After all, none of us even knew if those items had a greater purpose in the devs plan. Now I must say, I had no problem keeping these things either. It’s not like I begged him to take them or anything. I threw the idea out there, and when he said “no,” I said “okay, well we’ll farm them until you get your drops.” I’m not sure if he ever got them, but if he did, I wasn’t around for it.

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