Get to know the coolest guy in the galaxy in entry 18…

Entry #18

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 3:47:48PM (ScreenShot0377) 

Later that day, after making complete and total asses of ourselves, Ciale and I finally found ourselves back on Lok. We made our way further and further south, getting into multiple scuffles with Mercs, Pirates, and of course Kusaks, until we arrived at some ancient ruins. This seemed like a good enough place as any to heal up, so Ciale and I threw up a tent and snooped around the area. We were expecting some kind of hidden secret, but it turned out that these were just one of the many sets of defunct Lokian structures (not to mention a giant stone maze) that you’d find if you walked around Lok long enough.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 3:55:35PM (ScreenShot0380) 

Back then, the further you went towards the volcano on Lok, the more you realized that there was no chance of help. No one was going to be grinding mobs nearby. No mission terminals sent people within 10km of this place. It was just you and what you brought with you. Which is why I was trying to get Ciale, of all people, to come with me on this volcano run. Neither of us had ever been there, we had no clue what to expect… but we figured that the devs had to have it stacked with adversity. After all, the temple on Yavin was empty, so we had to make the assumption that all the dungeons couldn’t be empty as well. On top of that, Lok was “my planet,” so if there was something like this place in existence, I had to be able to say I had “been there, and done that.”

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 5:05:15PM (ScreenShot0382) 

Finally, after hours of either avoiding or breaking through all sorts of aggressive natives, we started to see a change in atmosphere. The sky changed color, the ground changed color, and there was even a thick haze that started to set in as we made our way up the mountain. I had already tamed a Kusak (named him Dusty, after my childhood dog), and I decided to tame a snake as well. Dusty was with me until the very end, but the snake was sold in no time flat. Selling pets was very easy at the time. Even if I could only get 1000 creds, it was worth the effort.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 5:10:44PM (ScreenShot0384) 

Making it up the volcano was no easy task. It took multiple camps to heal, and if it wasn’t for me having some medic and entertainer, we’d be back at Nyms cloner before we even made it half way up. I remember having like 200 battle fatigue, and we hadn’t even gotten inside yet. Matter of fact, we didn’t even know there was an “inside,” Ciale just happened to stumble upon the entrance while I was off taming that snake. Once we knew there was something in there, we threw up this one last camp and prepared for what we assumed would be an epic encounter.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 5:20:57PM (ScreenShot0399) 

The second we made it through the mouth of the entrance, our radar completely changed. It lit up with red cons that were piled so high, we couldn’t even tell how many aggressive mobs there were in this place. The first thing we thought was “we need to pull out the pets and droids.” Even doing that, it looked like this was going to be a losing battle. There was no chance of calling for backup, anyone we knew was at least two or three hours away. We decided that if this was how our day was going to end, then this is how it was going to end. We took our places beside one another along a ridge, kneeled down, and started to fire away. This screenshot is one that really sticks out in my mind. I think when Ciale and I realized there was no turning back, we kind of accepted that we were in it together for the long haul as well. This wasn’t the first time we’d die side by side, and of course it wouldn’t be the last. It would however, much like most things in those early days… not carry out as expected.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 5:40:10PM (ScreenShot0407) 

Ciale and I expected to be completely overwhelmed in that cave. Instead, it was the exact opposite. SOE struck again, giving all mobs in the cave 1 hit point and no loot. Anything we shot at died instantly. We just looked at one another and said “SOE…” After shaking our heads and rolling our eyes, we made the choice to clear the whole place and just screw around. There was some cool stuff set up, some terminals, equipment, and mobs we’d never seen before. I guess that was “content,” right? There comes a point in every SWG players life where they realize that SOE does not have their **** together. Ciale and I were fortunate, at least we discovered this fact together.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 5:54:12PM (ScreenShot0411) 

This is what Pistoleers look like when they holster their weapons and play the “lets see which one of us can kick these borked IG-Assassin droids to death first” game. I think Ciale had a lil Brawler still left in his build, cause he won the game. We spent a good hour kicking gimped Droidika in what we assumed was their faces, taking screenshots, and most of all, bashing SOE for their lack of high level content. We were on our way to being masters in our professions, and to see this type of thing over and over already… well lets just say that we were not blown away by SOE’s preparation. Did they not think people were going to get to this point in a month? You cant take the Star Wars franchise, combine it with an obsessive and complex gaming system like an MMO, and not expect fanbois and grinders to completely do in a month what would take the “average demographic” a year. Shame on you SOE. This piss poor implementation on such an easy guaranteed money maker is and will always be inexcusable.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 6:11:31PM (ScreenShot0416) 

The idea of trekking back to Nyms, after the marathon day Ciale and I had, seemed a lil too much. We decided to run outside and get DB’d on purpose, just to clone back close to the starport. Again, we were met with a new twist… we had multiple options to clone. How was that possible when Nyms had the only cloner on the planet? Of course, we picked the other option. When we reappeared, it was smack in the middle of an Imperial held fortress. As much as we loved to **** on SOE, they did have us surprised a lot of the time. This was clearly part of the Imperial Theme Park, which was even more cool considering that we might have seen this place prior to any Imperials seeing it themselves. We once again ran around like dumbasses, took our screenshots, and were off.

Saturday, July 19, 2003, 7:05:26PM (ScreenShot0417) 

All in all, it was a very long, but fun day for Ciale and I. We were already good pals, but that day (combined with the prior day) solidified the friendship forever. We’d go on to create one of Eclipse’s first guilds in the next week or so, we’d be a “combo package” whenever moving to any subsequent guilds, and of course, as you’d expect, months and months later… Ciale would indeed crack the code and unlock his Jedi slot. It was a lot of fun hanging with Ciale. Not only did he have your back, but he was really good for conversation as well. There was clearly only one way to repay a guy who offered so much, so much of the time. And that was to put the biggest pets in my datapad on /follow and make them chase the poor bastard all around the planet.

It’s really a shame that Ciale isn’t around to see the emu project, and especially the community that endorses it. He’d be one of the guys cheering the devs on, counting the minutes to get back in game and unlock his slot yet again.

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