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Entry #22

Monday, July 28, 2003, 2:03:39 AM (ScreenShot0490) 

By July 28th, a month and two days into launch, things were starting to take true form. I was back on Dathomir, grinding out the remainder of my CH & Pistoleer brackets with Ali, Flo, and whoever else wanted to group up. We’d grab 2 Biz Natch missions each, all in the same direction, and then strike each nest with the same set plan every time. All but one pet would attack the nest. The one pet not attacking the nest was tanking our target, and the three of us were concentrating fire, one target at a time. It was so simple that the combat was more of a background event, as our conversation was becoming the focus of this time spent on Dathomir. By this time, I was spending most of my minutes with Ali and Flo, even over my beta friends. The three of us spent a good week discussing the future, from which mission direction to take, to the entire fate (and our role) of the GCW. That XP grindathon ended up solidifying my friendship with Ali (Flo and I were already trusted pals by this time), and the three of us would start sharing some critical secrets & plans.

Monday, July 28, 2003, 2:41:56 AM (ScreenShot0492) 

Back at the outpost getting missions, Ali on the left, Flo and I in the middle, and Ramp behind me to the right. The picture actually illustrates the overall underlying relationships that I feel were prevalent at the time. You have me, Ali and Flo, all facing the camera, and then Ramp, with us… but not with us. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even grouped with us, considering that he was very convinced that soloing was better XP than grouping. It was fine with us, as the three of us were starting to congeal on our own, and the XP was rolling in fine. More importantly, we were discussing certain topics that I wasn’t comfortable discussing, even with Rampage. The topic was the impending player built city of Purgatory, and what it meant to us all. Ramp didn’t want to hear about it, as far as he was concerned, <HHT> was our Player Association to spend time talking, and planning for… why even discuss the people that planned to place a PA Hall deep on Lok, when we were going to place our own? As far as Ramp was concerned, we needed to get our hands on our own PA Hall, and get it placed before anyone else on Lok could beat us to it.

Monday, July 28, 2003, 3:11:02 AM (ScreenShot0495) 

This wasn’t something that I thought was so easily dismissed. As Flo, Ali and I grouped, and hit nest after nest, I finally told them about what was really going on. Privately, Purgatori Fire and I were talking via game mail. Our conversations went from guarded, to curious. We went from ambiguous game mail, to /tells. Finally, we agreed on a time and a place. I would make the 10km walk from Nyms to her city of Purgatori, that Friday night. We would save all discussions for the face to face meeting. My only condition was that I could bring two people of my choosing. Those two people were not Zox and Junon, or even Ciale and Ramp. They would be Florian and Alistea. I had my reasons.

Monday, July 28, 2003, 8:46:52 PM (ScreenShot0496) 

Pistol Melee Defense 1. Acquiring a knock down attack was a pleasant surprise as a Pistoleer. Sure it caused some extra damage to your gun, but it was a small price to pay to make your target completely prone to your attacks. It was another offensive variable to throw into the XP grinding plan, and because we were all Pistoleers, we’d all get it. Nests were exploding even faster, and the xp was rolling in on a parallel scale. And as it did, the conversation topics were heating up as well. I told Flo and Ali about the meeting with Purgatori, just 4 days away, and told them that I wanted, and more importantly, I needed them to come with me. Purgs PA, soon to be named <COL>, had ambitious, unrelenting plans. They were going to fight the Empire in every way possible, and I knew that would be of interest to Ali. Of course, every fledgling Rebellion needs it’s funding, and I knew Florian was the man with the plan when fundraising was concerned. So instead of me going to Purgatori by myself, I needed these two, who both offered more then I could alone.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003, 12:18:50 AM (ScreenShot0499) 

As me, Flo and Ali would grind, of course Zox, Junon, Ciale, and the rest would pop their heads in and out of the group. These guys had to be told absolutely nothing. They would just join up, and jump right into the action. The XP would be a lil less per kill, but the nests would pop even faster, and the cash would follow suit. As far as Zox went, I did tell him about Purgatori, but he, like Rampage, was more concerned with our own <HHT> planning, namely how to get enough credits to get the PA Hall and where to place it. Another good question was if an architect existed that could build one yet? But where Zox, Ciale, and Ramp were all thinking about <HHT> and what it was going to be, I was thinking “merge.” I would eventually bring this up, and Ramp especially wouldn’t hear of it. <HHT> was going to be created, and it was going to be exclusive, and Rampage was going to be to be the boss.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003, 1:18:43 AM (ScreenShot500) 

The devs, as usual, blundered the implementation of something yet again. This time it was item decay. So they disabled it. So… we started to DB one another, and get a free ride back to civilization. We’d have a friendly duel, loser would get DB’d. Of course, Zox would win 100% of the time, no matter how hard I fought, or what tricks I pulled. I don’t know if BH/CH was stronger then Pistols/CH, or if Zox was just way better at PVP, but who cares… losing the fight meant not having to run back to the outpost. After everyone else was dead, Zox would have to run head first into a Rancor nest to get himself sent back to the cloner as well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003, 2:00:00 AM (ScreenShot501) 

Back outside my house on Lok. I had two days left to prepare for my meeting with Purg. The ideas were flowing through my head. I stopped by my house on Lok to pick up some things, and I’m pretty sure it was there that I figured my way out the mess that <HHT> & <COL> was becoming. Personally, I wanted to just have everyone join Purgatori’s PA, or have both groups merge under a new name. This was met with resistance all around. For of all, neither Purgatori nor Rampage would ever merge under a different name. On top of that, Ramp would never settle for anything less then PA leader… and you know Purgatori had no reason to give that up. Then, as I’d find out soon enough, <COL> wasn’t in the business of letting random people join. It was invite only… and I didn’t even have an invite, never mind me and my 10 buddies. The only invite I had was to go down there once, and have a conversation.

There were too many variables to get their two groups to even co-exist. Hell I didn’t even tell them that Kastore was an Imperial, which would never in a million years go over with Purgatori, or her PA. The one thing I knew for sure about them, was that they were Rebel only.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003, 7:33:33 PM (ScreenShot503) 

All this talk about being a Rebel, and what it meant to certain people, was starting to penetrate my think blue fishy noggin. Although I was more of a go-between, I had to face facts. I choose my side of the GCW. Just because it didn’t mean much to me, didn’t mean that I was any less of a target for the Imperials. On the flip side, the Rebellion needed me to work my relationships in their favor. I could only sit on the fence so much for the time. Eventually, I’d need to start pointing most of my business towards Rebels. I could no longer give Imperials a fair shake 100% of the time. There’s no way that people like Ali or Puratori would understand, so I had to bring part of my operation underground. I’d have to start making excuses, and I’d have to let go of some of my customers and contacts.

Friday, August 01, 2003, 12:40:02 AM (ScreenShot505) 

Friday. The meeting was just hours away. I spent the time before the run to Purgatory sightseeing on Naboo. I’m not going to lie, it was a tense moment in time for me, and if I would’ve known that the seeds we were sowing were going to eventually grow into one of, if not the biggest and most powerful Rebel PA on the server, then I think I’d of been a lot more nervous. But at the time, my intentions were kept to myself. The official agenda was clear. Purgatori and her PA, <COL>, were to host myself and my two companions. The topic was who had official rights to call Lok “theirs,” and which one of our PA’s would be forever considered the first PA on Lok. That question, at least, would be answered the second I arrived in their city.

As for my private agenda, I had more to talk about. It’s true, I wanted a merge. The fact was, very few would even consider the topic. So I needed to find a way to personally be a member of both PA’s without pissing them both off. You cant join both, you can only join one. If I joined <COL>, I’d be turning my back on my oldest friends. Who was Purgatori? Why was she so important to me all of a sudden? If I joined <HHT>, the Rebel alliance would not be what it could be, and that was the greater issue. So I was in a bind. In reality, a merge was the best option, but the ego’s would never allow it. It was that simple, and I had to accept it.

Bull****. I may not get my merge, but there was no way that I couldn’t figure out a workaround. The fact was <HHT> was my baby, about to be built by my closest friends, but it was specialized to the point that it was a niche that almost no one even know of. “Hunters, Harvesters, and Tamers,” were just that. That is what it stood for… and although it was a cool idea, and hosting Safari’s for rich people was a lot of fun, the reality was that the GCW was calling me. I had too many contacts, I was too potentially relevant, to lay back and let the war be fought without me.

So that night, right before I met with Flo and Ali, right before we took that hour long walk… I figured it out. I figured out exactly how I would make it all work… now I just had to convince Purgatori Fire that it would work.

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  1. Devious! If I had know then what I know now I would have killed you on the spot. Glad I didn’t though. 🙂

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