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Entry #23

Friday, August 01, 2003, 2:30:44 AM (ScreenShot506) 

Florian and Alistea met me at Nyms. We quickly stopped by my house, and then we were off. I have no screenshots of the hour long run, which basically tells me that my attention was spent splitting aggro all the way to Purgatory. Mask Scent could only get us so far. Sure we could ignore the creatures, but we could not ignore the Canyon Corsairs, downed Pirates, and the Mercenaries. They would drop spawn on us, and we’d have no choice but to fight. 10 minutes into the trip, and we were already questioning why someone would would choose to put their house so far from Nyms. 30 minutes into the trip, we were only half way there, and had already been in several life threatening altercations.

We’d come across a nest of Kimos, and go around it, but run into Mercs. We’d fight through the Mercs, and wind up aggroing Perleks and Kusaks. We’d have to burst run away from the chaos, and end up getting drop spawned by Pirates. This happened the whole way down. The run is actually around 40 minutes I’d assume, but because of all the chaos that the run invited, it took us well over an hour. By the time we got close, there were Kimos everywhere. It was like natural protection for the people who braved the run and placed their base of operations this far from the rest of civilization.

Finally, in the distance, a small crop of houses started to materialize in the desert heat. Aside of the people that lived there, no one knew about this place. I swore to Purg that I wouldn’t give the location up to anyone, other then the two people I was bringing, and they would never tell a soul. After “the walk,” as it would eventually be known, we knew more about Purgatori before we even met her. Only the most dedicated of members would even consider basing their PA out of this location, and the main reason was completely obvious… security. How can you attack this town if you don’t know where it exists? How can you raid it if you cant find it? And when the coords leak, and the Imperials pass them around, they still have to walk an hour, and fight through the wall of wild Kimos to get there. By the time any Imperials ever arrived at <COL>’s headquarters, <COL> would be mobilized and ready. This concept won Alistea over before she even heard what the PA was all about. We didn’t discuss it, but I knew Ali would never be able to resist this place.

As we inched closer, about 10 total houses could be seen, and then, slowly coming into focus, was something I had only seen in NPC cities. Purgatory’s PA Hall was a reality. We were beaten. <HHT> didn’t even know an architect who could make a PA Hall. Purgatori won. She created the first PA on Lok, and managed to convince it’s members to place houses 10km from the Starport. They we the first Lokian PA, and would go on to be the first PRC on Lok as well. These people showed dedication to their cause, and that had to be respected by all. I was humbled.

As we walked closer, the sand turned into grass… to the best of my knowledge, this is the only place on Lok that grass will grow. This whole scenario was completely out of the ordinary. Before I got a chance to mention the grass to Flo & Ali, player blips appeared on the radar. Purgatori herself, along with some others, came out to greet us. We exchanged bows, and she immediately wanted to know why we weren’t overt. We explained that we didn’t want to end up in PVP on the walk down, but this excuse didn’t fly. She asked us to walk around to the back of the PA Hall, and when we did, she walked us over to some object standing in the grass that I had never seen before. It was some kind of Faction Detector. If you were an Imperial, it would automatically flag you for combat. Her guild waited in the distance, seemingly hoping to get the chance to brandish their weapons and send us 10km back to the cloner. I asked Ali to put her FWG5 away, but she privately explained that they would have to pry it from her cold dead hands.

The four of us stood there, and it was decided that Purgatori and I would have a private conversation by their Sulfur Lake. Flo & Ali (who still refused to put away her FWG5) were escorted away from me, and I’m not 100% sure what they did with the <COL> members while I was meeting with Purgatori. At this point, I was half dying to see what this person was all about, and half pulling my Rancors out of the datapad. We were on their turf, everyone but Purgatori were very territorial, and they clearly didn’t like outsiders. When Flo and Ali agreed to go with them, I knew this conversation was going to end up in a mutual respect, or a duel. On the inside I was preparing for a fight, but on the outside, I was as cool as an intergalactic middleman needs to be.

Friday, August 01, 2003, 2:40:57 AM (ScreenShot508) 

Purgatori Fire. She had it all figured out at the time. Anyone who could convince people to run 10km just to get a change of clothes from their house was obviously a wordsmith. I was no stranger to the art of conversation myself, so this one was going to be epic. In my opinion, this person was destined to lead troops into the biggest, most important fights against the Empire that the young server would ever know. She would also go to any length to protect Lok from any Imperial presence. You don’t have to say “protect Lok” twice to me. Lok was my home, and I was on the same team as anyone who was looking out for it.

Our common ground spread over multiple topics. That Kliknik Queen was hers… she was the only person other then myself that had one as far as I knew. We spoke about the GCW, about being a CH, and about what we had to offer one another. Purg made me feel very welcome and at ease, and after a few minutes, we were talking like we knew one another for years.

I first explained <HHT> and threw out the idea for a merge. She unexpectedly humored the concept, but went on to explain that <HHT> would have to relocate to this place, meaning that I would have to move my house, and Ramp would too. Not a chance. On top of that, she was the ruler of <COL>, a tag we would have to wear. Personally, I was fine with that… but imagine even trying to get Rampage to do it? It wasn’t going to happen. The merge talks ended there. Since I was unguilded, she asked me to join up. She knew my function would be one of diplomacy & networking, and that was something she really thought would help her group. I had to make a choice, and I choose Ciale, Rampage, Zox, and the rest. I told her I couldn’t join because of a prior commitment.

Then I told her that I still wanted to have all the rights and passages to her town, any of their resources in my trading schemes, and I wanted to be treated as if I were an “honorary member” of their PA, including meeting invites. She told me those were things that only members of her PA were privileged enough to get, and if I wasn’t a member, then it would not be possible. I had planned for this, and I told her I had something to offer that was just as good as me joining. She basically asked “how could you possibly offer anything that would equal what you’re asking for?” I simply responded “I offer you Florian and Alistea in my place.” I had traded houses, resources, armor, weapons, and even information. At this point, I was making an attempt to trade people for privileges.

I was assuming a lot. First of all, I had no idea if Florian and Ali would go along with it… for all I knew, they were in a shootout with <COL> on the other side of the city. I was banking on the fact that Ali would most likely see this place as an opportunity for the Rebellion, and that Flo would see it as the same. I never even ran this by them, even after the fact. I was just counting on my ability to anticipate my friends priorities, and banked on the concept that they would join if they got the offer. If there was tension, I planned to ask Flo and Ali to “just give it a shot,” but that conversation never happened.

When Purgatori asked why these people were even valuable, I explained that Ali would be a gigantic Rebel mobilizer in the weeks to come, and that Florian would be able to fund their city with his mining operation. I gave her my word that Flo & Ali would cooperate 100% with Purgs plans for the city, as long as Purg asked their opinions along the way. I knew Flo and Ali well enough to know that they’d see this whole thing as a giant adventure and I was already jealous that they were going to do it without me. I wanted to join <COL> then and there, but if I couldn’t, as least my two close friends would be able to. They’d be my eyes and ears from the inside, and my trading network would now be dedicated to their cause, even before the cause of <HHT> to be honest.

From the Purgatori Fire files – (without her permission):

I even made them dress up somewhat, despite grumbles and complaints about never wanting to take off thier armor and look presentable. They were after all, warriors and not politicians. You were the first “official” political meeting our group ever had. Needless to say, the others just wanted to re-equip thier weapons and armor and duel you and run around screaming… we were like primitive tribal animals because of our environment, Lok. But you brought with you an aire of finesse and sophistication that helped form the foundation of what it all became.
Friday, August 01, 2003, 2:40:57 AM (ScreenShot509) 

After Purg and I had privately agreed, she had the task of explaining it to her PA, and inviting Flo & Alo to join. I decided to find a spot in the grass in front of their PA Hall, and just sit there with some of my pets. I had never seen grass on Lok, and really wanted to enjoy it. As I looked around, I saw the houses that these people called home, and already wished that mine was among them. I had plans for my empty lots, and I would never in a million years move my house, so this would remain a little bit of a sore subject with me. Zox, Junon, those guys would take no convincing at all. Even Ciale could be persuaded, once he met Purg.

Rampage was the one that would never remotely consider taking orders, taking someone elses guild tag, or taking a 10km walk 3 times a day. In reality, Rampage made my choice for me. I knew if I joined <COL>, especially if some of the other guys came with me, he’d feel that we were “leaving on bad terms.” Ramp and I would end up at odds, and it would throw everything out of whack. He and I worked too hard together, and with the other guys, for me to throw this monkey wrench into the <HHT> program. So it was about loyalty. I made plans with these people going back to beta, and I would not break them for any reason. Joining <COL> with Flo & Ali seemed like the most fun in the world… But I couldn’t do it.

Friday, August 01, 2003, 2:42:46 AM (ScreenShot510) 

How the hell did they do it? Who even could make a PA Hall?? I sat in front of their PA Hall wondering how these people pulled it off before us. We never logged off for Christs sake. We knew everything there was to know, we were the guys who claimed “1st” on every last thing. But we weren’t. They beat us, and although it was annoying, I relented. You cant win um all. My first reaction was “if you cant beat um, join um.” But it wasn’t going to happen… so I sat there, and realized that I was going to have to deal with my choice. I’d be seeing less of Flo and Ali for sure, which I hated. But, now that PA Halls were a reality, it was time to get the crew together and become a real PA of our own. Rampage was unavailable, so I contacted Ciale and explained the deal. We needed a PA Hall asap.

Friday, August 01, 2003, 9:07:30 PM (ScreenShot511) 

My next stop was Nyms. I wanted to get the Rebel Themepark under my belt. It was a lot of fed ex and running around. Much like Jabbas, I’d run into 1-shot kills, and run back to the quest giver. I spent this time not really paying attention to what I was doing, but more thinking about what what down in Purgatory. To avoid a pissing contest between <HHT> and <COL>, which in my head would split a piece of the Rebellion unnecessarily, I avoided it all together. I came to a “next best thing” by making it so Flo and Ali joined in my place. I could’ve brought any two people on that run, but those two were the best possible answers to this uneven equation. I knew I wanted to join Purg before I even met her in person. And I knew Flo and Ali would also want to join if they knew as much as I did about the subject. I knew I had to follow through with HHT… even if it was falling off my radar. I had to stay loyal to my friends.

Friday, August 01, 2003, 10:00:02 PM (ScreenShot512) 

During the running around for the Themepark, I met up with Flo in Coronet, and it was official. Above his head read “<COL>.” It stung a lil bit. <COL> was about to represent something to anyone who was involved in PVP or the GCW, and I wanted to be in on the ground floor. <COL> was badass enough, I could only imagine what Florian and Alisteas involvement would mean for them. For Rebels, this guild would help lead the charge against the Empire, and the city of Purgatory would be a server wide legend for PVP battles, bases, gigantic base conglomerations, commerce, and hope for the Rebellion. For the Imperials, they knew that <COL>, and what it eventually became <LOK>, would always be there to answer the call of PVP. They knew that there were tons of bases to try and destroy in Purgatory. They knew that <COL> would put up a fight until one side was left standing.

Saturday, August 02, 2003, 3:14:35 AM (ScreenShot514) 

Shalera the Hutt?? Yeah the Rebel Themepark sent me all over the place.

Saturday, August 02, 2003, 7:41:22 PM (ScreenShot517) 

A big moment in any SW fans life, R2D2 in the flesh. The Rebel hideout on Corellia was pretty cool. Pretty far out of the way too, so there were no Imperials farming the guards, or jumping the Rebels running the missions.

Sunday, August 03, 2003, 2:39:33 AM (ScreenShot518) 

Three days of Fed Ex missions got a lil tiresome. By the time I got towards the end of the Rebel Themepark, all I really had to show for it was screenshots of droids. Then I got the call from Ciale. He got his hands on a PA Hall, and was just waiting for Rampage to come online to place it. He knew about <COL>, and how I was torn… you could tell Ciale anything, he wasn’t going to make a big deal. When he was the one to get the Hall, I felt better about things. So what, we’d just work in conjunction with <COL>, and everything would eventually fall into place. What could go wrong…

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