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Entry #29

Saturday, September 06, 2003, 1:14:54 AM (ScreenShot0645) 

A full week later, I couldn’t help but vocalize the nostalgia I had already felt when running across Lok with Zox. He and I met in beta, on my first ever Kimo hunt, and were friends ever since. True it was only around three months since we met, but in SWG, when you were putting in these marathon sessions, I always said “months felt like years.” After all, we’d been all over the galaxy together, and that kind of skewed time in my mind I think. In rl I’d wake up, goto work, and come home. In SWG, I’d visit 5 planets in as many hours, and have epic and heroic adventures the whole way through. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I think the bonds I developed in game were “accelerated” because I spent countless hours with some of these guys for 3 months straight. And that fact left Zox wondering… “why would you want to play on another server.” I wondered the same thing, but still, I was too far now to turn back. I felt like a ****ty friend, but Zox wasn’t one to be a jerk about it. The fact was we were on Lok, just like the good ol’ days, and having fun that night. Actually, I think he and I were making the 10km run to join <COL>.

Sunday, September 07, 2003, 6:20:48 PM (ScreenShot0654) 

The next day, in the basement of the <GOD> PA Hall, I was already able to churn out Tantal Armor. Back then the set was incomplete due to an oversight by the devs, so I think only the chestplate, helmet and boots were able to be manufactured. I remember getting my first actual order by a guy who wanted the armor for show, so he didn’t care about my non-mastered stats. I charged him 60k for the three pieces, which he suggested himself. I think he was rich, and was trying to help me out, cause I’m 100% positive that that armor was worth about 30 credits.

The <GOD> guys were good to their crafters. Even though I did not join, they gave me access to the PA Hall, so I could share in the resources that they would put in backpacks in the basement. Zom’bo was grinding Tailor right along side of me, so we spent a lot of time screwing around while button mashing down there.

Monday, September 08, 2003, 12:41:56 AM (ScreenShot0662) 

The next day, over on Eclipse, I logged in to find that some kind of seal was struck. Flo & Ali knew some Twi’lek who went Imperial and got her hands on an AT-ST. That’s her on the left, then you’ve got Ali, Zox, me, and Destroyer on the right. There was some kind of workaround that allowed us all to group, and low and behold… just like all the Imperials… now the Rebels were also using the AT-ST to get higher paying missions. Granted, this was not as prevalent as the Imperials doing it themselves, but leave it to Ali and Flo to figure out how to get in on the action. This is the only time I’d ever see Ali & Destroyer not shooting at Imperials first and asking questions later (or never).

Monday, September 08, 2003, 8:56:03 PM (ScreenShot0663)

Later Monday night, over on Tarq, I asked Spart to meet me far away from GAT City, at the top of a mountain on the other side of Naboo. There was some guild drama going on with <GOD> that looked like it was going to split GAT City down the middle, and Spart was one of the guys that was pulling away.

From the Spartacus Files:

I can’t remember if I had some squabble with Surfer in SWG, it wouldn’t surprise me because he was a retarded guild leader, and HATED was a stupid name. I think he wanted to make a badass pvp guild, I’m actually disappointed I don’t remember anything about that. I can only remember notable fight scenes from SWG.

Okay so much for Spart helping me remember what happened with that. To the best of my memory, Jagermeister (Surfer on our forums) was running a PVP-centric guild, which was fine… but he was a drunk in real life (a fun drunk, very cool guy), and basically ran the guild like a drunk. It was disorganized at times, he’d be bombed in the middle of raids, that kind of stuff. Some of the more organized guys threatened to break off for a number of reasons, and I saw this as a potential disaster, because first they’d leave the guild, and I feared they’d leave the city as well.

On top of this, I had a plan brewing, and Spart was the key. I wanted to take the mall idea from Eclipse, and build one on Tarq. It was an ambitious project, and everyone in the city needed to be on the same page. I laid it all out to Spart that night in the middle of no where, and he was really receptive. We agreed on calling it “The GAT City Mega Mall,” and we’d pitch it to the city the next day. We both organized and planned almost all of it between the two of us, but Spart did practically all the heavy lifting himself while I was sitting around grinding.

At this time, all we had was a rough outline. A lot more then you’d think goes into planning something like this, especially considering that Tarq imo was way behind Eclipse with this type of thing. We were going to create something that did not yet exist on that server. We needed to get people from the city to agree to set up vendors… but hell, we didn’t even have a full crafter lineup… so players would have to agree to either accelerate their grinds, or pick up smithing professions from scratch. We had no PA Hall, we had no architect to build us the guts of the place, we had 0 stockpiled resources, and we didn’t even have any layout ideas yet. Plus, Koserk stole Sparts fortune, we were broke… and a PA Hall was hundreds of thousands of credits by itself.

Spart and I would have to involve some of the other GATers to get this off the ground… but when we did, the strangest thing happened. The GATers, a general lackadaisical group of slakers (with some legit powerhouses sprinkled throughout), responded. It started with guys backing me to master the Armorsmith profession. Now, the majority of the city was backing the idea of building this mall. It was pitched as more then that though… it was pitched as a catalyst to not only solidify GAT City on the map, but to strengthen the Empire in the process. We sat there together with an idea… and the idea would not only go on to rally the entire city in the coming weeks, but also become a recruitment tool, eventually more then tripling GAT’s size in game.

Thursday, September 11, 2003, 1:10:47 AM (ScreenShot0669) 

As you move up the armorsmith tree, the recipes get more complex. Eventually you cannot survive without Synthetic Cloth, which at the time could only be made by a Tailor. Every day I would clean out the Bazaar, but eventually, my need became too great. After asking around in theed, a female Rodian named Eeboo responded, and sent me a waypoint. She said she had a vendor in her house near the Emperors Retreat, so I grabbed the next shuttle out of Theed and headed over there. As I ran through the woods, I for the first time was treated to the leaves falling on Naboo. I remember once again, being taken completely off guard by yet another subtle phenomenon put in place by the artists that worked on SWG.

As much as I was pissed at the devs for constantly dropping the ball in just about every area of the game, I was constantly impressed by the creative guys who designed and implemented the games visual experience. From the models, to the lights and shadows, to the effects… and especially the character creation… respect is due to those guys. I don’t think all the people that play SWG understand that it’s very unique to have completely customized faces on every character appear on the screen at the same time. It’s not easy to code, and it’s not easy to run a lag free server under those conditions. It was an ambitious idea for the time, no doubt about it.

Saturday, September 13, 2003, 8:27:18 PM (ScreenShot0671) 

Two days later, and I was already able to make Ubese Armor. I had enough resources to make two sets… one for myself, and one for Werrt’Zer, who by this time was my partner in crafting crime down on the belly of the <GOD> PA Hall. Werrt, acting on his own volition, saw what happened to Spart, and the city by Koserk, and knew someone had to step in. Without even being asked, and taking almost no handouts, Werrt not only started to grind Weaponsmith, but he clocked more hours then even yours truly. To this day I have never seen anyone grind a smith profession, especially the psychotically monotonous WS profession, as fast as Werrt. He started weeks after I did, and hit master within days of me.

Werrt was one of a kind. He did not make the same promise I did… he had a different take on handing out freebies to the city. For those that pitched in to the cause, Werrt took very good care of them. For those that would mooch off the system, Werrt would give a discount, but not give them free weapons. People started to think that because GAT City meant “free armor to all,” that Werrt was going to follow suit with the weapons… but they were mistaken. Weapons, especially good ones, are incredibly intricate to craft, not to mention expensive and time consuming as well. Werrt would be in the poor house if he gave his product away 100% of the time. Plus, his attitude towards the moochers was obvious… you don’t get unless you give.

He was very receptive to setting up vendors in the mall, well before the first brick was laid in the grass. He and I had a fantastic relationship until the very end, never once charging one another a credit for anything. Werrts weapons would go on to be some of the servers best, and his product specifically kept traffic on our front steps. His weapons were the backbone of the GAT City Mega Mall, hence they were the backbone of GAT City. Players server wide counted on Werrt to supply high quality weaponry, and that added major credibility to our entire city. There is no doubt, Werrts product was our very foundation commercially.

Sunday, September 14, 2003, 4:05:01 PM (ScreenShot0675) 

“You know this is cool.” Nvarra (I think that was her name at least) was right. Just like Spartacus on Tarq, and Imperials all over every server, I, as a Rebel, was reaping the reward of the high cash Biz Natch/AT-ST scheme on Eclipse. We lived in even bigger fear then the Imperials though, because if we were caught by the Rebels, not only was the AT-ST going down… but we would be known as traitors to the Rebel cause. But hey… the money was good. Nvarra would help us get the high paying missions, and then we’d fan out and hit the nests individually. I think I personally gave it a rest after a couple hundred thousand creds… I wasn’t looking to become a millionaire off the situation… if anything, it was just really fun to run around with an AT-ST as a Rebel.

Sunday, September 14, 2003, 4:47:07 PM (ScreenShot0677) 

I don’t know what it was, the time of day, the light, whatever… but this ended up being my computer background for a while for sure. Farming credits with an AT-ST as a Rebel was one of the most unique circumstances I had been involved in, and this screenshot shows it off in all it’s glory. It’s not every day that a Rebel is in front of one of those behemoths without taking a giant laser blast to the back…

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  1. Her name was Nvarra Wren. She became the who’s who of all RP events and get togethers on Ecipse.

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