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Entry #32

Wednesday, September 24, 2003, 11:21:56 PM (ScreenShot0715) 

And who is that lil Rodian chick? It ended up being Eeboo, the Tailor that I was buying Synth-Cloth from this whole time. She and I ended up talking so much, that she eventually became my first wife. There was no big wedding, we just exchanged rings on a hunt on Lok with a bunch of GATers. And like most SWG marriages, it ended suddenly when Eeboo quit the game, so lost and lonely, I married GAT’s tailor, Zom’bo. I don’t think that lasted too long either. Rodd Flanders… intergalacticly crappy concerning matters of the heart.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003, 11:51:08 PM (ScreenShot0716) 

Having almost finished the armorsmith grind, I still found myself grinding my own credits or hide/bone when the GATers donations ran thin. One day, for a change of pace, I dropped marksman, and figured I’d take a run at Swordsman on a whim. While not very accurate, I quickly learned that few things in the galaxy would be as fun as having your vibro-axe hit it’s mark. Once I mastered the profession, I’d extend that theory to the glorious Power Hammer… nothing, and I mean nothing, was more fun then hitting someone in the chest with a giant hammer and bowling them right over in PVP.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003, 11:51:08 PM (ScreenShot0721) 

The next night… almost three months to the day of SWG’s launch, Zox and I made the run to Purgatory. While I was busy doing my part in erecting the mall on Tarq, back on Eclipse <COL> had guild drama of the highest order. The story, or the pieces I have of it, are convoluted at best. Florian knows much better then I do what happened, but I may as well offer up the bits and pieces I do have.

<COL> was ruled by Purgatori Fire, that was the case from day 1. She had help from her sister Sakkara, but at the end of the day, the buck stopped at Purg. Running a small guild as a dictatorship is how <COL> started, but as new recruits entered the fold, naturally people would want to have their say. I cant comment on how that went, because I wasn’t spending much time on Eclipse. What I can say, is that I know for a fact that Purgatori was dealing with “burnout.” Anyone who feverishly plays an MMO knows what burnout is. You obsess to the point that one day, you just don’t log on. It’s happened to me multiple times, and it’s happened to just about everyone I know. Burnout is a mere fact of life for the obsessive MMOer.

From what I’ve been told by multiple sources, things started to go haywire when Purgatori stopped logging in, but at the same time, was the only one with admin on the guild hall. I’m going to attach a series of quotes, without peoples permission, for the sake of telling the story:
From the Destroyer Files (without his permission)

As for COL, you killed COL when you left in such a hurry that you couldn’t transfer the guild hall to anyone.

Not to put Destroyer on the spot… what he said to Purg was on behalf of many of the <COL> members that had to think fast and save the guild.

From the Florian Files (without his permission):

…a bunch of us needed to keep the guild going, so we renamed it (and put more than just one person on guild admin, forming a council of people that could all swear in new members, kick miscreants out, and perform the functions Purg had in the beginning). I think you just got caught in the shuffle there. From what I remember, we brought you back in as a <LOK> member. You and Ciale were what we were all about! We couldn’t leave you guys behind… Rampage was always a lone wolf, I don’t know if we ever convinced him to wear the <LOK> badge…

From the Purgatori Fire files (without her permission)

I went away for a long time (A few times) because IRL > SWG and I needed a break. I was a rough leader, I made some rules a lot of people thought unfair, too tough, too exclusive and over the top. But if I had not, LOK/COL/GOL would never have had the strength to be what it became.

Thursday, September 25, 2003, 8:39:15 PM (ScreenShot0722) 

During the shift from <COL> to <LOK>, I had been booted. I logged back in to find myself guildless yet again, but was quickly filled in by Florian & Zox. Zox and I ran down to Purgatory the night before, and logged out waiting for Florian the next day. When he logged in, I was finally given the <LOK> tag. Details are fuzzy, as I said earlier, <DoM> was another rebel guild that was involved at some point. I think later on down the road Florian took about a 4 month break, and while he was gone, Zox, Ciale, and Rampage for some reason joined that other guild… and when I logged in, I joined them as well. So I did leave <LOK> for a short time, and then came right back when I *think* parts of DoM merged into <LOK>. Obviously, I was not on Eclipse too much, and when I was, I was just going to follow my closest friends wherever they went.

Regardless, <LOK> wasted no time becoming a household name on Eclipse, and remains that way to the best of my knowledge to this day. <LOK>’s a much cooler acronym then <COL> anyway, so if anything, the switching of guild halls was a blessing in disguise. When Flo swore me in, the <HHT> thing finally was put to rest for me. As a member of <COL>, in my head the name was always attached to arguments that <HHT> had about rolling our members over. But <LOK> was something new, even if it was the same exact people, the same purpose, and the same location. In the end, <LOK> would be my family on Eclipse, through the pre-cu, into the CU, and well into the NGE as well.

Friday, September 26, 2003, 12:45:57 AM (ScreenShot0726) 

And where one went… we all went. When word of Imperials planning an attack on a Rebel base was intercepted, the Rebels mobilized in force. <LOK> would always answer the call, no matter what base was being raided, ours, or anyone elses. When the Imperials would show up with a rag tag group of 20 soldiers, they’d be met with 40-60 Rebels every time. Soon they’d have to change up their game plan, and let fake information “leak” over to our side, and then in actuality hit a different base. I gave them credit, they were outnumbered, and had to use their heads to get the job done. Still, numbers didn’t lie. Three months to the day of launch, the Rebellion had a lock on the GCW on Eclipse.

Sunday, September 28, 2003, 10:42:09 PM (ScreenShot0731) 

A telling picture indeed. The Mon Cal female that sits in front of me was none other then Alistea from Eclipse. Playing on two servers was exhausting. Just as I tried to get <HHT> to join <COL> to get all my fiends in one spot… I also tried to get the Eclipse crew to come join Tarq. While Flo, Ali, Zox and Junon all created characters to check out the mall, none of them ever checked back in. Their home was on Eclipse after all, and the thought of splitting time was, and is, a losing gesture in many respects… so I could never blame them for not even considering a move, especially after all they built on Eclipse.

Monday, September 29, 2003, 6:21:03 PM (ScreenShot0734) 

One interesting thing about grinding armorsmith, is that you get to give your friends your crappy results. Werrt & Niklut would often get to show off my sub par efforts on a nightly scale. We mostly used the stuff for show, because before you master the profession, everything you churn out is incredibly cumbersome and offered little to no real protection. That didn’t stop us from abusing Werrt when he would actually put on the ridiculous Padded Armor hat, which everyone agreed looked like a decorative sofa cushion. Those were good times though, the crafters were defiantly a rule onto themselves in GAT City. And like most well built cities, a good core of crafters can take you a long way.

Thursday, October 02, 2003, 8:35:35 PM (ScreenShot0736) 

Leave it to Ciale to find water on Tatooine. I really don’t know how he found it, and I’m an idiot for not recording the coordinates, but there is a pool of water on Tatooine, and Ciale built a large house right next to it. We used it as a gataway from all things non-relaxing… and there was pretty much only one rule. Clothes were not allowed. I felt like a jerk for not having cooler underwear. Alistea, Ciale, and the rest all had much cooler Speedos. I don’t think we made very much use of that place, but when we did, the nights were filled with fishing and just hanging out “away from it all.” It was a good place to bring things back to the core friends that were together from the beginning as well. Not many people knew about the spot, so if you knew about it, it meant that Ciale really trusted you.

Friday, October 03, 2003, 3:25:28 AM (ScreenShot0739) 

While Eclipse had its secret pools for skinny dipping on Tatooine, Tarqunias had a party of its own… and this one was mobile. I remember the first time Hale Fusion came swaggering into the mall with a couple blondes in tow. Mal and I did a double take… wait was this guy really a pimp? And this would not be the first time, either. Hale would periodically be seen out and about the galaxy with scantily clad chicks as circumstances warranted. You had to give it to GAT. If anything, they had some serious personalities… but someone would have to truly get them all in line

With PRC’s being announced to hit in about a month and a half, GAT had to make some choices. Since the ability to vote in a mayor had not been implemented into the game yet, GAT historically had elections on their forums. Nevets was the mayor when the game launched, but he was more of a casual guy who really didn’t do too much in the organization department. A lot really had to be done. GAT had to be able to work together on an even higher level then they did to get the mall built. There were a lot of loose ends to figure out. Most of the planning went on during the day on our forums, and we planned for a good month before the plan was put into place.

– Who would be our first “real” mayor? That person would have to acquire the Politician profession, AND most importantly, place the City Hall before 10 other cities beat us to it… not an easy task on a starting planet that had at least 30 settlements. And what if that person could not log on when the servers went up the day PRC’s hit… we would be out in the cold… so we needed multiple backups.

– Where would GAT City be placed? Currently, it was south of Theed, but it was haphazardly built, abandoned houses were already rearing their heads, and the land itself was not going to sustain our impending growth… we’d have to move… but where? And how would this be decided?

– Mal Takana was our architect. Was Mal going to build all the civil buildings? SOE would grant architects the schematics early, so we could have the buildings ready to place the day PRC’s went into effect… but considering that Mal was still not even close to master… someone had to step in and fill that role. And we needed to provide that person with the mother load of materials… how would we acquire them?

If we were going to be one of the 10 cities on Naboo, we’d have to figure all this out and put the plan into effect.

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