So what do you do to a Swordsman who’s afk? I’ll give you a hint… you can’t do it with your pants on.

Entry #33

Sunday, October 05, 2003, 5:36:14 PM (ScreenShot0747) 

Rodd Flanders, Master Armorsmith. It took me a month and a half to grind, and considering I was splitting servers and helping put the mall plan in effect, I was pretty happy with myself. That said, with great success comes great responsibility. I grinded away pretty much all my resources, hell the padded armor that even I was wearing was complete garbage. How would I be able to fulfill my promise, to provide quality armor to the entire city for free, if I never kept any of the good spawns that appeared while I was on the server (never mind the stuff that spawned before I joined).

A mental checklist was created. Hide/bone I was not worried about… if something useful spawned, GATers would grind me 30k of it in a few days time. The real issue was the minerals and chemicals that I needed to start churning out decent stuff. The problem was, I was flat broke. I not only needed to buy quality extractors to acquire the current spawned stuff, but I needed to fund them with credits and power as well. There was a lot that I needed as a master armorsmith to get off the ground, and in my mind, there was only one way to get it…

Tuesday, October 07, 2003, 11:39:59 PM (ScreenShot0750) 

A few times a week, I’d go on the GAT Forums, and announce a “Flanders Sponsored Hunt.” I took everything I learned through Vroflus’ Eclipse hunts, and applied it to Tarq. Obviously as a novice Swordsman I was not fit to lead the hunt, so Gun-Li, GAT’s Ranger, would have to take point. The promise was exactly the same as it was in the early days of Eclipse… stick close and I’ll get you XP. About 10 GATers would turn out per hunt, and each hunt served multiple functions. First of all, the hunt would revolve around the best known quality hide/bone on the server. We’d take terminal missions, but if they didn’t exist, Gun-Li would find the target for us. The missions we’re preferred though, because we all made cash in the process… but the guarantee was XP for all, and all hide/bone recovered would go directly to me. I’d get tens of thousands of hide/bone per hunt, so it was worth it just for that.

Left to right, either Guarek or Elu was the Twi’lek, I think that was Caith or Selbbog (the Zebrak), Varsha standing up, Cerven sitting under him, me in front of Cerven, and Gun-Li, the Trando on the end. Most GATers were pretty good with the rules before I even joined the server, so it would take no time turning these hunts into efficient nights out. Gun-Li would pull the mob, and we’d grind our way through nests for a few hours before calling it a night. Voriter missions on Dantooine were popular for sure back in those days. They paid well, gave a lot of XP, and yielded a ton of hide/bone.

Saturday, October 11, 2003, 5:04:14 PM (ScreenShot0781) 

As far off in the distance as you can see, is the Theed Bridge. Oh, you didn’t notice anything other then the two half naked guys sticking swords up one another’s asses? Well if you haven’t guessed by now, while Eclipse was more of a role play, serious type “Star Warsy” life… my experience on Tarquinas was anything but. Most GATers were completely ridiculous practically all of the time, and instead of trying to fight it, I just got sucked right into the nonsensical hijinx. I would go AFK and come back to a naked guy shoving his ass onto whatever weapon I was holding so often, that I just started taking my clothes off to go AFK all together. Selbbog was the biggest offender of shoving his ass onto sharp objects, but he was by no means the only one being retarded in public. A myriad of GATers would typically cause trouble on the SOE boards, none more so then Starscream, who made a personal quest out of trolling the Entertainers of SWG.

Monday, October 13, 2003, 5:34:28 PM (ScreenShot0791) 

Speaking of Starscream, he and I decided to pay a visit to a newly implemented POI on Tatooine, which featured Jawas & Sandpeople in a shootout. Up until then, I don’t remember any static displays of NPC combat, so that was a very cool thing to come across. When Starscream and I first showed up, we came across a bunch of Jawas just standing around, and we were not very impressed. Moments later, we’d both be caught off guard as the shrieks of Tuskens bellowed from the nearby ruins, while they came pouring out with rifles blasting. It was a very cool addition to the SWG universe, and I really don’t understand why they didn’t code many more of these scenarios onto the game. Upon occasion I’d come across creatures attacking one another, or Rebel & Imperial NPC’s spawning close to one another causing a impromptu battle, but nothing along the scale of the Jawa vs Tusken POI.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003, 12:20:47 AM (ScreenShot0796) 

On yet another GAT hunt, you can see the abundance of camaraderie between the GATers. No matter how casual the GATer, they all would donate any last resource they could spare to the cause. Port Kreede was one such player, who was only able to harvest the bare minimum from creatures, but willingly handed it over to me as soon as he got it. Obviously the pact worked in the favor of guys like Port, cause he would end up giving me 23 units of hide and in return be given as much free armor as he asked for, but guys like this were never ever greedy. They would tend to feel guilty about even asking for armor, and in many cases I’d have to reach out and ask them what they would like… because if I didn’t, they would never feel comfortable asking for it.

Also worth mentioning in this screenshot is DWR Budr… the guy in the black trench coat with his back to the camera. DWR was one of the biggest donators during my grind, and long thereafter as well. He was a really cool guy, who was very opinionated and often misunderstood by the general GAT population. When things came to a vote, Dwr would generally be on the side of the minority, which put him at odds with many a GATer… but to me, he was always supportive. Even when we were on different sides of a vote, it was always respectful and cordial with Dwr. He was one of the guys that didn’t need XP, but would always come on my hunts just for the fun or it, and to help harvest me some hide/bone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003, 12:26:30 AM (ScreenShot0799) 

The afk sword in the ass strikes again… this time Gun-Li is bending over for posterity. You’d think this would get old… but it never did. That’s Dwr behind me, Monjoe (the blue MonCal), Port on the right, Niklut in the green padded armor, and Gun taking it up the ass. I like how it was never enough for these guys to to shove their asses on my swords, but they always felt the need to undress in the process. As usual I’d come back from being afk to a camp full of guys laughing in my face…

Thursday, October 16, 2003, 12:33:27 AM (ScreenShot0801) 

After upgrading my padded armor to a new fashionable “Roddald McDonald” look, I took to the streets with the rest of GAT looking for a place to plant the city. We searched for days, in all directions, until finally reports came back that the far north of Theed might be the location to facilitate our entire growing city. As I ran out of the starport and followed the Theed river north, I quickly learned that mountainous terrain would not be a factor. After 10 minutes of running, I passed by a defunct Droidika & parts of an old Gungen Shield Generator. These two relics would end up being a symbol for our entire city, as one day, when you passed them, you’d get an on screen message saying “Entering GAT City.”

I made my way further and further north until I finally came to a small hill, and a slope that would lead down to the shore. Right where the sand met the water was a group of Gungens crowding in front of a giant statue and broken wall. “This is where I’m going to call home,” was the first thought that crossed my mind. I quickly made my way down the slope, and “introduced” myself, power hammer style, to my new friends who would forever respawn on my front lawn.

Later that day GAT City had a vote, and the majority okayed the relocation of the current GAT City to Naboo’s northern most coast. All residents were tasked with packing and moving their houses immediately. We had people directing traffic, but generally, it was first come first serve with dropping your house. Packing and moving was not as easy as it is today, you’d have to pick up everything in your house individually, then pack your house… so sometimes it would take multiple people and multiple bank runs just to move one person. The crafters especially had a ton of crap laying around, and would need the most help.

It was a challenge, but most GATers were up for it. On top of that, with less then a month for PRC’s, Mounts, and RIS Armor to hit, having a final location decided on was the first crucial step to GATCity being truly realized.

This day would also be of note, because it was exactly one month to the day that vehicles would be introduced to SWG. Vehicles would of course go on to possibly have the greatest impact on SWG, over any other feature ever introduced.

Thursday, October 16, 2003, 11:22:58 PM (ScreenShot0812) 

During this time, I was only stopping on Eclipse to show people that I was still alive. All my time was consumed with helping plan GAT’s move to the north shore, not to mention all the thought and running around that went into getting an architect up and running, and getting him the resources he needed. Eclipse was the furthest thing from my mind… so when I actually showed up, it was a “woah where have you been” moment for <LOK>. I’d generally be logged out in Purgatory, so when I logged in, I’d grab whoever was around and go looking for Kimos or straggling Imperials. As you can see from the conversation with my furball pal Destroyer, the jokes on Eclipse were plentiful as well.

Friday, October 17, 2003, 9:43:15 PM (ScreenShot0813) 

Speaking of jokes and Eclipse, oh man did people go over the top with their Bio’s. Okay so he’s got his character bio, who didn’t. Okay so he had his faction rank in there… hell, obviously I’m a stat rat myself, I cant knock the guy for throwing in some numerical achievements. Uhh okay I guess the waypoints to his home location on Lok, and separate crafting garage on Tatooine are somehow acceptable… uhh his player height… a lil uncalled for. Wait his real life name, location, height, weight, and friggin car model? WTF dude. WTF indeed.

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  1. I’ll never forget the time Shoten made a bunch of exploding Mouse Droids and named the entire crate of them, “Destroyer’s Mom”. And we sent them after him, one after another. Oh man, he lost his mind. But Shoten had also lost his mind. He was actually a sane and happy person at one time. But he snapped on Tattooine. Sakkara, Bhaylor and Shoten and I were all hunting for the Moisture Farmer for the Hero of Tattooine badge. 3 days straight of driving around doing nothing… we were all there when he hopped off his speeder, and took off his clothes and started yelling and jumping around. He was honestly never the same after that day, even to this day he is still insane. 🙂

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