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Entry #37

Thursday, November 13, 2003, 10:06:02 PM (ScreenShot0960) 

Eclipse… I was so involved in making GAT City a reality on Tarquinas, that I did absolutely nothing to help <LOK> found Purgatory on launch day. The least I could do was log in, place a house and declare residence in city limits. I did think ahead a little bit though… a few days prior I quickly logged into Eclipse, went to Corillia, and tamed myself a Giant Carrion Spat. The devs had already released a list of which creatures would be tamable, and the initial list wasa very small, I believe just Dewbacks, Carrion Spats, and Kaadu’s were eligible… so Homer would have to wait to get his saddle. I named the Spat “NoHomer,” to protest the fact that I would much rather have been riding my first ever tamed pet.

When I logged into eclipse, <LOK> chat was euphoric, which meant one thing… they did it. I’m sure they had a similar plan as we did on Tarq to get city hall placed in Purgatory, but they had it much worse, because the distance from the Starport to Purgatory was 5x as far as GAT City was from Theed’s Starport. I’m not sure who Purgatory’s first Mayor was that dropped the hall, and once again, it just goes to show how out of the loop I was on Eclipse by this time. It didn’t really matter I guess, my part was that of any other ordinary citizen, and that was to get my ass to the city and declare residence. The usual 45+ minute run was now cut in half, as I galloped past the usual spawns, Lokian ruins… and two other city halls… so one thing was for sure… we were not going to be the only city on Lok.

Thursday, November 13, 2003, 11:44:28 PM (ScreenShot0963) 

When I arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. <LOK> had a much more organized city erected then I expected. Florian met me at city hall, granted me zoning rights, and then explained that I could place my house wherever I wanted… but it needed to fit into the obvious design that they had going on. I ended up placing my second house, a medium Tatoonian, right up against the sulfur lake. I was eventually asked to move it during a subsequent city restructure, so I stuck it right behind Destroyers pad… and I named it “Fish > Fur.” One thing I noticed as Flo and I were catching up, was that the Tatoonian City Hall was different then the Nabooian one, which was a cool touch by the devs. I had expected everything to look the same, but instead, they stuck with the predefined themes for all planets. Once again, the artists on the project nailed it.

Saturday, November 15, 2003, 8:57:38 PM (ScreenShot0964) 

As I was admiring the layout of a young Purgatory, a Lokian sandstorm struck, reminding me of what I was missing on Eclipse. Once the hologrind started, I told Ciale to go into my house and take my fusion & solar harvesters and make good use of them. By this time he was grinding merchant, so Zox was spending time running in and out of Ciales shop to help get him merchant XP (a similar time consuming grind that wasn’t unlike mastering scout camp XP). As you can see in Zox’s chat spam, there’s nothing like DLing some pr0n to supplement your hologrind.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003, 9:58:28 PM (ScreenShot0976) 

Five days after the patch, and mounts were everywhere. Defending bases became easier, as distress calls from other Imperial cities could now be answered twice as fast as before. While our movement was increased, we still had to be careful. Early on, we were making the mistake of dismounting too late. We’d show up to fights, and ground forces were using their specials to wail on us while we were still mounted… and once we were DB’d, they’d then incap our mounts to add insult to injury. As vehicles were less then a month away, I don’t think that the community ever really “got to know” mounts. They were really critical for a month, and then became a novelty thereafter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 8:48:00 AM (ScreenShot0979) 

With all the city planning, it was becoming harder to keep track of my harvesters. Something had to be figured out, because I really didn’t have the time to churn out armor for a growing city (already 35+ citizens) and make harvester runs as well. I’d frequently show up to see my equipment burning to the ground, or even worse, show up to a waypoint with no harvester under it at all. I was clearly becoming overwhelmed with my promise, as some days I’d log in to find 10+ game mails of orders. Luckily they were mostly for Composite, so I really only had to have resources on hand to make one type of armor consistently.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 6:59:05 PM (ScreenShot0980) 

This is the only existing stat sheet I have of any of the armor that I ever created pre-cu. I was screwing around with an electricity layer, of course making the gloves over encumbered in the process. You can see the base stats of 50% across the board. I think I pushed this into the high 50’s as I got a hold of better resources, maybe higher, I cant remember. My armor was eventually above average, but it was not close to the server best. And my vendor in the mall was stocked only with my critical fails… so I never really had too much cash on me. 100% of my wearable stuff was given away to GAT City, and anything that I crit failed on went on the vendor. I sold the crit fails at low prices, and basically just made enough cash to help pay some city maintenance fees.

After finding a slicer, GATers would be pretty good to go, but if they were hardcore PVPers, then they’d have to actually pay someone else to make them better stuff. All in all, for free, during the “Composite Clone” days, you couldn’t really complain about Rodds free armor… it was slightly better then the server standard, and you could ask me for 5 suits in 5 different colors and I’d have it to you pretty quick. In a funny story, Far’Kalkir was asking for so many sets that I started to think he was selling them, but it turned out that he just wanted to color coordinate with his other clothes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 9:09:58 PM (ScreenShot0984) 

On top of everything else, I still had to grind out the rest of Swordsman. Lucky for me, Elu Vagabond didn’t want to stay an Architect forever, and having built most of GAT’s civil buildings ahead of time, he picked up the Swordsman trade as well. We’d regularly hit up Yavin IV on XP runs, and he’d go on to be the first GATer I’d meet irl as well. Elu would actually be the main catalyst in me leaving SWG (the first time), as he’d give me the password to his WoW beta account. I’d end up joining him in “Masquers” the guild that was run by Cerven.

Thursday, November 20, 2003, 12:55:06 AM (ScreenShot0998) 

A full week after the patch, Purgatory started to stretch as far as the eye could see. I had been busy running around taming mountable creatures to donate to <LOK> in order to make sure that nobody was doing “the run” on foot anymore. In the coming weeks Shuttle Ports would be a reality, but ironically enough, Purgatory did not have one the second they were available. Not only was <LOK> too small to qualify, but a shuttle port meant that Loks one true defense… it’s location, could be instantly exploited by shuttling Imperials. When shuttleports first hit, we’d have to use a neighboring cities shuttle and then make a 3k drive to our own city.

Thursday, November 20, 2003, 11:53:49 PM (ScreenShot1013) 

Back on Tarq, GAT City now had it’s own Imperial base. We would eventually have a total of five bases, and to the best of my recollection, none would ever be taken down by the Rebellion… however they’d all eventually degrade and crumble like the rest of our city… but that’s a story for a later entry. At this time, everything was falling into place. Cerven was finally voted in as Mayor, the bases were being thrown up, we were recruiting around 5 people a week, and longtime stalwarts from our forums were finally purchasing SWG. We even had some guys that quit before I even joined Tarq resub to help us declare more residences. GAT City was exploding with upside, 20 man gank squads were a nightly occurrence, <EC> was starting to settle in, and we had everything we ever wanted in a matter of weeks. I would always look back at these days as the most fun I ever had on Tarq.

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  1. It was Destroyer who named the city Purgatory, I was aghast and flattered when I finally logged back in and found out.

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