B2B returns with base busting on Eclipse!

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Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:19:20 AM (ScreenSho1080) 

23 days after Player Cities were introduced into the Star Wars Galaxies Universe, a <LOK> strike team lives up to its name, and heads to take out the first ever Imperial player base erected on the planet. This is what <LOK> was born to do from the start. The “Guardians of Lok” were sworn to protect the planet from all threats, and none were more threatening then the Imperials. There was no way an Imperial base was going to go up without <LOK> being all over it. Up until this day, there were 0 Imperial bases on the planet… and <LOK> intended to keep it that way. Guild priorities instantly shifted, and the immediate focus would now be to knock them over the very day there were placed on Lokian soil. In early December, the first base went up… and <LOK> used 100% of its resources to find out when it was vulnerable, and take it out.

Every available <LOK> member was summoned. We were going to make it very clear to all the Imperials that any base placement was going to be met with immediate destruction. The message being sent was “don’t waste your faction points on Lok.” Alistea was dying for this moment, the day she got to obliterate the first Imperial base. And it wouldn’t just be the base, she wanted to make an even bigger point. So before we made our way to the base, we went to the Imperial POI, and killed everything that was targetable. We wrecked the place in 5 minutes, and then caught the Imperial players running missions, incapped them, stood over them before the DB and said things like “an Imperial base was build on this planet today… this is the Empires only warning… leave Lok forever or face the consequences.”

After climbing over the bodies, we remounted and made the short gallop to the city that had the audacity to place a base on “our” planet. They put it as close to the Imperial POI as possible, but the closest you could build was over 1000m, so they couldn’t get much use out of the POI other then the shuttle. I guess their line of thinking was that they’d be able to use the POI’s shuttle to help defend their base… and maybe kite us back to the POI’s NPC’s… but this was easily planned for and foiled by <LOK>. We wiped out the NPC’s, and then left a few people behind to murder anyone shuttling in… there would be no resistance unless it came galloping from Nym’s… and that was a 30 minute run.

Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:22:07 AM (ScreenSho1081) 

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was that this base was fully stocked. Bases had a donation tool…. they would accept all sorts of things… credits, hides, etc. The guys that dropped this base overloaded it with donations, and in turn, it spawned 3 AT-ST’s, and the most NPC’s I’ve ever seen around a single base. One by one we beat the horizon, and dismounted until we were all standing there, shoulder to shoulder, waiting for the word. In the middle of all of us was Alistea, who stood motionless and silent. We were on the borderline of the bases aggro threshold, when one of the AT-ST’s started to walk in our direction. Without a word, her right arm extended out, and her index finger pointed to the AT-ST.

Simultaneously, two rockets launched… one from my right, and one from my left. Zox and Richterscale were our Commandos, and together they had mutilated many an AT-ST. Upon being smashed dead on, the giant machine returned fire, and then all hell broke loose. Within seconds the first AT-ST smashed to the floor, and then the second and third followed in less then two minutes. The Stormtroopers reacted, and were more or less brushed to the floor by our collateral damage. Weaving through the AT-ST parts flying in the air, I still had not even fired a shot. Frenzied Gurrek (Rerun) by my side, I simply walked past all the destruction, and found myself standing at the mouth of the freshly placed base.

Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:25:26 AM (ScreenSho1082) 

As I walked closer, the unaggro’d Stormtroopers inside the walls raised their weapons and started to fire. Rerun, who I had in “guard” mode, ran to the closest enemy and started to attack, and seconds later, laser fire and missiles flew over my head and bowled over the entire group of NPC’s. I stepped over the white armored bodies, gave Ali a wink, and the team filed in and started the countdown with no player opposition what so ever.

Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:33:35 AM (ScreenSho1083) 

With the countdown in effect, the base was ours. No Imperials were able to make it past the team we had stationed at the Imperial POI, and if any of the enemy was galloping from Nyms, they’d be too late. Those of us who were unneeded in the countdown process decided that taking the base out would not be enough. It was time we started using alternative means to get our point across. At first, we stood in their town square, hoping that we’d find them galloping in from Nym’s… but they never came. The plan was to kite them into city hall, incap them, and then sit in their own council seats and order them to leave the planet. Once the base poofed, and not a single Imperial came to defend it, we had to alter the plan a little bit…

Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:35:08 AM (ScreenSho1084) 

As the base was poofing on the outside, the real insult was happening inside city hall. Along with Destroyer and Richterscale, we took our places in their council seats. With no one from their city to see what was happening, the gesture would be useless… so the choice was made to go onto SOE’s official Eclipse forums… and post the screenshots of the desecration of their city. This moment would of course spark more of a negative reaction out of the Imperials then a positive one, which was in reality, our ultimate plan. What we really wanted was constant PVP on Lok… so by issuing a threat to the entire Empire, and disrespecting them in this fashion… we guaranteed that Lok would forever be central to Eclipses GCW.

<LOK> was the first guild on the planet, the first Rebel guild to take out an Imperial base, and the first Rebel guild to drop bases of their own. We were the original Rebels on the planet, and would of course always welcome other Rebel guilds and cities to join us in our cause of ridding Lok of an Imperial presence. In the beginning, we had the Imperials on lock down… but as time went on, the Imperials would respond in force, and eventually, they would get their bases securely placed and guarded. The first base battle was won, but the base wars were just getting started. 10 days later, vehicles would be introduced, and very soon after that cities would finally get their shuttleports. Coupled with starports eventually losing their 10 minute waits, transportation in SWG would go from hours to minutes, and that would impact base raids more so then any other factor.

Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:45:14 AM (ScreenSho1086) 

After all was said and done, we left the target city, and instead of going back to Purgatory, we went to Nyms. The idea was, that if any Imperials were galloping to the city we just cleared, we’d intercept them and give them a personal taste of what was yet to come. A lone Imperial was found, soloing a Kimo with his AT-ST. You can guess what happened next… the Kimo and the AT-ST crashed to the ground at the same time, as the player was left incapped to watch the horror. It’s true, <LOK> made no attempt to beat around the bush, clear messages were being sent, and over the years, as members passed in and out of the guild, our reputation would not always be as noble as it started out. No matter how people felt about the guild during it’s lifetime (it still exists to this day), it cannot be argued that <LOK> were the true pioneers of the Rebellion on the planet, and that they always answered the PVP call throughout the history of the GCW on Lok.

Saturday, December 06, 2003, 8:57:23 PM (ScreenSho1095) 

The following night, I found myself alone, in the giant maze on Lok. The symbolism of the location described some old resurrected feelings in my mind. When I first started splitting servers, I always felt torn away from Eclipse, but in time, I actually put it out of my mind and focused strictly on Tarq. After the mall was built, and then planning and building GAT City was completed, I finally had the ability to spend some time on Eclipse. The problem was, with the resumption of splitting servers more often, I was once again torn with regards to where I should really be spending my time.

Florian and Alistea were on the <LOK> council, along with some others that I technically might’ve usurped for one of those seats had I never left Eclipse. Ciale was deep into his hologrind, and would soon unlock his FS slot. My rl friends, Nosun, Zannex, Junon, Warbucks and Reishin all joined a Rebel guild on Corillia called <FOTS>, the Transcendents started to dwindle a little bit, leaving SWG for the WoW beta. Basically, life was going on without me on Eclipse, and I knew if I wanted to be a part of it, I’d have to leave Tarq. Since GAT City was hitting it’s peak, there was no way I’d leave it any time soon… so once again, I’d have to continue to split servers as much as I could, and miss out on things on both sides of the fence.

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  1. Stood for Fellowship of the Saber. That guild started in Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast. A multiplayer light saber fighting game of which I was a founding member. We all played SWG Beta together and when it launched we kept in touch. My story with them is a lot like your story with HHT. They demanded to be on Corellia, I refused and said it was too easy and made us weak. I split off from them and brought 4 people with me to Lok, I think it was 4… long time ago… and that is where we created the story and ideas for COL. Many years after that many of the FotS people eventually made their way to what was then

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