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Entry #41

Tuesday, December 09, 2003, 2:06:43 AM (ScreenSho1114) 

Almost a month after mounts hit SWG, the impact was obvious. On Lok, we incorporated them into our mobile strike team that would hunt Imperials on the planet. We would fan out in groups of two men, and once an Imperial was spotted, the group would meet up and then gallop in for the kill. If a two man group came up against a large amount of Imperials, they would attempt to kite the Imps to a preset waypoint where we would all congregate, and mass PVP would sometimes be the result. Gank squads would no longer get to spend the night roaming the open world jumping people on solo missions. Accountability was now a factor, as it wouldn’t take long for the opposing faction to get mounted up and counter hunt a gank squad.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003, 2:12:12 AM (ScreenSho1116) 

Due to the faction point exploit, AT-ST’s were popping up all over our home planet. If it weren’t for <LOK>’s nightly expedition to rid Lok of the mechanized monstrosities, then the planet would surly have been overrun by Imperials. Base raids were the top priority, but hunting the AT-ST’s that would protect them was a close second. For us, as soon as they were spotted, we’d gallop in as fast as possible and engage the owner so he couldn’t store his giant faction pet… once combat was initiated, the rest of our group would catch up, dismount, and concentrate fire until we brought the thing down. On the opposite end of the fight, the player who owned the AT-ST would try to target our doctors, but it was a useless uphill battle. Our group was strong and coordinated, we had two commandos with top of the line weapons and ammo, and we knew enough to cut off the escape routes when possible.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003, 2:12:23 AM (ScreenSho1118) 

There was no mistaking what was going on. If you were an Imperial, you knew the risk of pulling an AT-ST out on Lok. You knew <LOK> was going to be somewhere on the expanses of the desert. Was tonight the night they were going to tip your giant toy over? The thing was, Imperials no longer cared… the faction point exploit would keep them in AT-ST’s for weeks to come, and they’d be able to erect too many bases for <LOK> to keep track of. And what was worse, Purgatory was no longer a secret. <LOK>’s own bases would soon go up, and we’d have to spend many a night protecting them. If you’re protecting your own base, then you’re not out knocking down someone elses… the Imperials would not be held at bay forever.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003, 1:38:24 AM (ScreenSho1125) 

“This is the last time we’re ever gonna see it…” Over on Tarq, I finally found a way to drop Armorsmith without going back on my word to GAT City. You can see Cervens response of “OH GOD, Nooooooooooo,” and at first, that response was echoed by the rest of the city. They had good reason to be worried, the prospect of losing free armor would be enough to freak me out too, especially considering the astronomical prices for quality protection. In reality, no one had any reason to worry. Merrak from <EC> and I had worked out a plan that would not only keep GAT in free armor, but improve it as well… AND it would come pre-sliced going forward. One of his many alts, “Neesa,” was not only a Master Armorsmith, but also a Master Smuggler. On top of that, he had been stockpiling resources from before I even joined the server! What this meant was that not only was the city getting an upgrade from the mid 50’s to the 60’s in effectiveness, but with the slice, the armor was at times practically impenetrable from normal attacks. Merrak PM’d me the password on the GAT City forums, and from there… we got to know one another better as we worked together to bring the best armor the city would ever create to the surface.

Thursday, December 11, 2003, 1:48:46 AM (ScreenSho1135) 

Werrt, me, Varsha, Keilya and Sokeo… dropping Armorsmith was a beautiful thing for Rodd… I got to finish my Swordsman grind, and finally pick up Combat Medic, something I wanted for a long time. Plus, thanks to Merrak splitting the armor responsibilities, I was actually able to spend more time hunting with GAT. Dathomir & Nightsisters were the usual targets, and with Keiyla, we’d have a mobile buffer, so if anyone happened to get DB’d, she’d rez and rebuff right there. I was defiantly a lot happier being a part time crafter… working hand in hand with Merrak would make crafting twice as easy, and he was a lot of fun to hang out with, so I remember being really happy with the way things were going at this point and time.

Saturday, December 13, 2003, 12:22:45 AM (ScreenSho1138) 

On Saturday, December 13 2003… I found myself in the biggest PVP battle that I would ever participate in. The second I logged in, <HATED> & GAT chat’s were overflowing with orders from Cerven barking for everyone to get their best gear, get as many people as they know, and get their asses to Lok. I was halfway up the swordsman branch, and a novice medic… not exactly your odds on favorite in mass PVP… but there was no way I was sitting this one out. When I arrived on Lok, I was quickly ushered to a city about 3000m from the Starport. There were about 70 other Imperials, and we all got the bad news together. Over 100 Rebels were on their way to completely obliterate a large Imperial base conglomeration, and we were asked to stall them as long as possible in hopes that the base vulnerabilities would expire during the battle.

When I arrived, I was split up from most of GAT, but ended up assigned to a small group of my familiar <HATED> guild mates… Batou, Gioti, Ciwo, Sovago & Emmanuelle. My plan was to stay back and play a strict medic role… but I wasn’t going to do much good, because my skills were still very low. The idea was that people would train me on the fly as I capped out on XP, and trade me better stimpacks as I became more proficient with the profession. Learning how to heal during an epic PVP encounter was ridiculous, but I was never one to back down during PVP. If they needed me to heal, then I was going to keep them up until the fight was over.

The second I droped the stimpacks in my hot bar, two Imperials came screaming over the mountain on the other side of the cloner. They were screaming “NOW NOW, and before they even finished what they were saying, both were on their backs and DB’d by a rifleman 60m behind them. I stood there wondering what they saw… and a few seconds later, a lone rebel made his way to the peak of the mountain. I was wondering why our two guys were running from this one Rebel… and right when I was about to ask, he shouted “FOR THE REBELLION!!” He burstran down the hill, and behind him emerged 100+ Rebels following his lead. I had never seen anything like it before or after that day.

I looked on both sides of me, and saw a rag tag group of fellow Imperials that was destined for slaughter. I gave Cerven a /tell and asked him what the plan was, and he responded “it’s taken care of.” Riflemen started to get in range, pets started sprinting in our direction, and laser fire started pouring from every direction. Ciwo was the first to be hit, and as I dropped my first ever heal on Tarquinas, my screen was flooded with “HOLD THE LINE, HOLD THE LINE!” Someone named Allister Rommel was sprinting past, screaming for the Imperials to stay in formation. The explosions got louder and louder until finally, the Rebels were on top of us, this massive congealment of bodies blending with our own. It seemed like people were screaming for a medic in every direction, but I kept cool and stuck to my group.

While the giant fight was taking place, I was begging anyone in GAT Chat to get their asses to Lok… and of course, <EC> answered the call. You can see in the /tells that I was telling Merrak that it was suicide to approach from the south… so him and Carledo made their way in from the west. Meanwhile, what was going on in front of me was mass confusion. I capped out very quickly on XP, but when Carledo arrived, he was somehow able to find and train me, so I could start gaining XP again. I tried to stay as far from the actual fight as possible, and eventually just dropped heals on anyone who was close. I knew I was doing a good job because of all the /tells coming in from the guys I was saving, and once again, I got another taste of SWG satisfaction that I had never known. I didn’t have time to revel in the beauty of dropping the perfect heal at the perfect time though, because at the far end of the fight… I saw “Hothead,” the Rodian Swordsman camping the cloner.

He and I were not strangers. As Swordsman, we were always on the front line of PVP against one another… if you look back to the last entry, you’ll see that he’s one of the guys I DB’d during GAT’s recent ganking of Tatooine. I knew my job was to heal our army, but whenever he and I saw one another, everything got dropped and a battle of giant hammers would ensue. This fight, as epic as it was, would be no different. Without a word, I left my group and /burst’d through the gigantic firefight. I still have no idea how I made it all the way over to him, but when I arrived, he had his back to me, and with one swing, I put him down for the incap. I was so excited that if you look at the screenshot above, he didn’t even land yet. I gave him a radial DB, and then looked up to see the unthinkable… Rebel reinforcements. I was leveled from a distance, and sent to the cloner before I knew what hit me.

The battle lasted hours, and in the end, the Rebels abused us all day long. They had us outnumbered 2:1, and eventually they had us defeated… but oddly enough, every time they flattened us and started the timers on the bases, a lone Imperial would somehow get in there and DB the guy who was working on the mechanism. This happened all day until finally, inexplicably, the vulnerabilities expired, and the bases were left standing. Those bases, like all bases, were eventually brought down by the Rebellion… but anyone that was there that day knows that the biggest Rebel assault of the time was repelled by the courageous Imperials who “held the line” as best they could.

Saturday, December 13, 2003, 12:55:10 AM (ScreenSho1138) 

After the fight, I followed what was left of the Rebels and reported their headings to Cerven. The Imperials decided to rebuff, and hit a base while the Rebels were making their way back to their cities. Eventually, I caught the Rebels crossing a giant river… so I caught up and started shooting. My plan was to distract them as long as possible, and maybe pick a few off in the process, while the 20+ sized Imperial base strike team made their way to whatever planet they were going to. My plan worked, as more then half of the Rebels got fed up with me taking pot shots at them, and turned around to DB me out of spit. I had the advantage of the higher ground, so when they eventually got in range, I jumped back on my mount and made them chase me even further. Every time they stopped chasing me, I’d catch up and start taking cheap shots again. I must’ve had like 15 guys seriously chasing me for like 20 minutes before they finally caught and DB’d me. I don’t remember if Cervens team ever busted that base… but I had a lot of fun buying them some time…

Saturday, December 13, 2003, 2:01:36 AM (ScreenSho1140) 

After midnight, Cerven finally logged off, and of course, Elu logged him back in and we had some more fun…first, I had Fuschia ID me a beard… then… we had some more fun with Cerven…

Saturday, December 13, 2003, 2:07:24 AM (ScreenSho1142) 

Very few GATer nights ended without some sort of hijinx. If Cerven logged off, and Elu and Fushia were still online, then we all knew how this was going to end. It’s stuff like this that kept Cerven sane I think. He did a lot of the groundwork getting the PVP, the city, and <HATED> all in order, and sometimes he’s have to be strict or pushy to get things working properly… so we knew that he could use a good laugh more then anyone… I’m not sure if he found it funny to constantly log in to seeing his toon dressed like a hobo, but I know this much… the rest of us found it funnier then shoving my sword up Gun-Li’s ass…

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