Begun, The Composite Clone Wars have…

Entry #44

Tuesday, January 06, 2004, 10:30:55 PM (ScreenSho1233)

On Tarq, Dantooine was a “goto” place for Rebels to place bases… so we’d find ourselves there frequently either farming faction points, or sometimes taking out turrets prior to full on base raids. There were different methods of getting the job done, but one way we liked was to hava a rifleman gain aggro, and then us melee guys would come in from behind and smash it to pieces. Also, sometimes turrets would get borked, and for some reason be unable to target you if you were right on top of it… so generally, as a master swordsman with top of the line composite armor and buffs, I didn’t have too much to worry about when it came to taking out base defenses. I’d sometimes head over to a base with a couple guys, take out the entire NPC & turret defenses, and then radio back to command and let them know that the strike team would be met with no resistance, NPC or otherwise.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004, 10:41:42 PM (ScreenSho1235)

10 minutes later, no Rebel in their right mind would possibly consider any kind of saving attempt. We would have the area completely overrun with AT-ST’s, and most of us would have have target macros so the second someone popped on the radar, he’d be annihilated instantly. There was no stopping the Empire during the faction point exploit, and we took full advantage, knocking down as many bases as we could before the devs threw in the fix. All Rebel exploiters could spend their points on were NPC’s and bases (other then things like sofas)… but the Imperials got AT-ST’s on top of anything a Rebel could get… it was soo lop sided that it’s almost completely unbelievable. How or why would this be the way the game was built? I guess, in theory, the Empire was supposed to be overpowered, but in the end, the Rebel fanbois would offset the Imperial perks by having more players anyway.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004, 12:36:35 AM (ScreenSho1236)

By Wednesday, my CM grind was almost over… but I’d have to choose to either master it, or fall short and keep master swordsman. In the end, I really enjoyed the healing aspects of being a CM, so I decided to start dropping parts of swordsman and go Master CM. I enjoyed healing so much that I’d always have a healer alt, no matter what MMO I played after SWG. Players were always grateful and respectful of the quality healers, and it was a cool part of the game that I had not yet experienced. I thought back to the days when Rowah was keeping my groups alive on Lok… now I started to know how satisfying it must have been for him to fill that role on those early epic hunts.

Thursday, January 08, 2004, 11:14:43 PM (ScreenSho1243)

It’s kind of weird having a city resident who’s cracked out and naked show up to your door all the time. While I was logged in as Neesa, Briann Wilson would typically check in and keep me company while I was building and slicing armor for the city. Other people would show up to pick up their stuff, and think they were walking in on something they shouldn’t have seen… I’d have to be like “uhhh, no, you know Briann right, he’s the dude who’s normally passed out in Theeds Starport vestibule…” This clown was one of the many characters that made up the eclectic buffoonery that was GAT City. There was no escaping it, although <HATED> was server known, they were still GATers, and by default, ridiculous in nature.

Sunday, January 11, 2004, 1:10:15 AM (ScreenSho1248)

Down the street, at Gun-Li’s house, he showed me his recent decorations. At the time, I thought it was cool… but what neither of us knew, was that SWG, for many players, would one day turn into nothing more than a Star Wars home decorating game all together. It started with cool med centers, and malls, the fish tanks, fire places, etc… but eventually people would create dramatic droid assembly plants and such. The devs, years later, created weekly “home show” awards, which promoted the idea even more. The concept ended up keeping people in game, who would grind loot drops just to further decorate their houses. On the one hand, it was cool to see what people did with their houses, but on the other hand, it was generally an antisocial practice other than the fact that you’d occasionally have visitors. I know personally, in 2008, all I really had left was the desire to decorate my “lab,” which we’ll get into much later in the story.

Sunday, January 11, 2004, 1:25:49 AM (ScreenSho1250)

A few minutes later, I got the training I needed, and along with Hybrid, became GAT Citys second Master CM. Guarek would join us too, giving us a third CM a few weeks later. One or two CM’s could win entire battles in PVP… it was totally ridiculous to have three. Of course we were sharing resources, doing rancor hunts and using the bile drops to make our diseases epically potent. There was no doubt in hell that we were going to get nurfed, but until we did, we were the ones hurling area diseases from 90m away in PVP. Like I always said, if you cant beat um… join um. It became less about exploits and cheating and more about fighting fire with fire… for me at least…

Sunday, January 11, 2004, 2:50:29 AM (ScreenSho1252)

Sigh… the only thing other then suit colors that visually separated us was the fact that Kzins big Trando ass couldn’t wear boots… otherwise, the Composite clone days were now a reality for everyone. Merrak and I were at our peak in terms of Composite quality, pushing the 70% base… and that was before we sliced it. You were dumb if you didn’t use this armor, and this armor only. The result was the entire galaxy looking exactly the same. With all the tailor options, with all the armor options… you’d think that players would look as diverse as possible… but that was not the case. One armor type was better then the rest by far, and that meant the visual diversity of player wearable’s would be thrown in the garbage in favor of this one look. One by one, the things that made the game amazing and grand in scope were being compromised. First, the sense of community was being attacked by the hologrind, and then, this monotonous boredom of only one outfit being viable in PVP started to set in… as always, you added in the long standing bugs and imbalances… it was just too much for people to overlook. Soon, even the happiest of players were starting to have their doubts…

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