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Monday, March 22, 2004, 12:57:43 AM( (ScreenShot1748)

Two days and 180 screenshots later, I was in the middle of a world tour with anyone that was online. The idea was to get as many screenshots from various locations as possible, so I would have a lot of material to build comics with. Monday started out with GAT screwing around at Fort Tusken. I ended up with a ton of screenshots, but they would go unused, as I would never make an entry containing this material.

Monday, March 22, 2004, 1:33:01 AM( (ScreenShot1753)

A little later on that night we hit Dathomir to grind Nightsisters (surprise surprise), and again, a great many screenshots were taken, but the comic never contained a Nightsister related page. The screenshot itself is nothing special, but what GAT Chat contains is important. Fuschia says “it’s not you Tot… it’s just, I’m tired of seeing things go downhill.” Fuschia was talking to <HATED> guild member “Totmacher” who announced that he was quitting SWG. Tot was one of the guys that did not come from the GAT forums to the game… he was a guy that we met in game and absorbed into GAT City. He was an awesome addition and I’m pretty sure he was one of first GATers to unlock his FS slot. When a guy like Tot announced that he was leaving, everyone knew that others would soon follow.

Sparticus, who was back in game after quitting a second time, responds “its hard to form lasting institutions in SWG… blame the Devs.” In March of 2004, Spart was around a junior in high school. When you’ve got high school kids accurately observing SOE’s inability to secure stability among its subscribers, and correctly blaming the Devs on top of it, it was just another indication that things were heading in the wrong direction.

Thursday, March 25, 2004, 8:00:14 PM( (ScreenShot1787)

Two days later, a miracle happened… the devs spawned Super Battle Droids in Coronet as part of some pre announced in game event. This was the type of thing that was promised since the beta days. The Devs were supposed to have SOE employees run events like this all the time, while some of their “Digiteers” or whatever the hell they were called would actually take control of iconic characters like Han Solo or Darth Vader to add to the excitement. In reality, these events were incredibly few and far between over the years. On top of that, I really don’t want to complain about new content, but I’m pretty sure no one in the SWG universe really liked the idea of a ****ty EPII tie-in. This would not be the last time that SWG was give a ****ty movie tie-in treatment, the most notorious of which was the implementation of the planet Mustifar in August of 2005.

Not impressed with the droid attack on Coronet… I went back to Photoshop later that night to build the next page of my comic:

Thursday, March 25, 2004, 1:36:29 AM (Issue #1, Page 5)

The page opens with the furthest waterside angle I could get of GAT City. To the left of the shuttleport there were about 5 or 6 medium Naboo style houses in a row. That’s <HATED>’s guild hall with it’s back to the shuttle, and to the right is Werrt’s place with his factory placed conveniently outside. <EC>’s guildhall is on the left on the other side of the medium houses, and you can also see GAT City Hall peaking it’s head out in the background as well.

We now find Rodd on his balcony talking to Vroflus, who’s not pictured in the scene because I really did not want to bother with Photoshopping Vro into the pane at one in the morning. I would routinely take as many as 20 screenshots of certain emotes, trying to catch Rodd in the perfect pose to accentuate the impending dialog that I would give him. Again Rodd is complaining about “/tell hell,” as the topic was a very common issue so I knew most GATers would find it funny, especially Merrak who prided himself in getting me to mistell as much as possible. The page ends with Far, Selbbog, Zom, & Werrt getting ready for the fictitious <REB> attack that I had conjured up for the sake of the story.

Saturday, March 27, 2004, 1:12:18 AM( (ScreenShot1799)

A couple of days later, the GAT City Composite Army spent the evening decimating the Ewok Village. The original idea was again to have this content grace the pages of the comic, but this is another example of a night spent taking many screenshots, none of which ever getting used in the comic. Due to the fact that we all look exactly the same, it’s hard to figure out who made this trip with me… but I’m willing to bet that Selbbog was the guy on the left, because Ewok genocide was something that he was particularly fond of.

Monday, March 29, 2004, 1:42:16 AM (Issue #1, Page 6)

On Monday March 29th, SWG was just over 9 months old, and I was busy putting up the last page of my first comic issue. In the first shot, I actually had to lay on the floor to get both Selbbog and the Star Destroyers in the sky above him into the shot. This was my attempt to make the “Orbital Bombardment” subplot somewhat believable. Soon into the dialog, Fuscha tells Rodd that the “comlink disruption” (Rodd mentioned this while swooping from Theed to GC) is actually due to Rebel hacking, and in the end, the “bombs” drop on the Imperial Army instead of the <REB> forces which we never actually see on screen.

I remember having a hard time getting the guys to just sit the hell still for the shots, and after I got everything into Photoshop I noticed that Werrt switched his pistol like 5 different times, so I had to insert the line “switching to Geo Pistol” to make it seem like he was switching weapons to try to find a way to get better damage results. I also had to deal with creating the “bombardment” itself, and in the end I had one of the GAT Commando’s duel Zom and Selbbog and just pepper them with Rockets. Eventually I got a few good screens and I was able to simulate the orbital bombardment gone awry.

Issue #1 was finally completed, and I realized that it was a **** ton of work. Each page took around 6 hours, and I was already starting to feel the comic creation burnout. By this time I just wanted to find a way to move the plot over to Eclipse, so I could get to feature some of the <LOK> guys, and then call it a day. I didn’t know where I was going with the whole thing, but I knew that I wanted Issue #2 to end with Vro talking to Ciale in Jabbas Palace. So with that being my only real goal, I got to work on Issue #2…

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