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Sunday, March 28, 2004, 1:13:16 PM( (ScreenShot1833)

Knowing that the plan was to move the comic story over to Eclipse for a few pages, I started taking “stock” photos of Vroflus. Eventually I passed by my first house, and took a few shots inside and out. The first room contained a few seats, and the horribly low rated general crafting machine that Dark Ghosty made me back in my early days. The small circular connecting room only had a tool chest, but the main room (in the screenshot above) had most of my worldly belongings. I kept two Tusken outfits (even though I couldn’t wear the helmets) from all my days grinding CH at that camp outside of Wayfar. The clothes were all looted, other than the armor that Dark Ghosty had made me. One of the sachels on the floor contained skill tapes and armor attachments, while the other one held my solar and fusion generators. My close friends were all on admin, so they could borrow my harvesters whenever they needed them.

Next to the bed on the floor was a ton of trinkets, broken datapads, etc. Among them was a few blasters that were now too degraded to use, and also some melee weapons with horrendous stats. The middle of the room contained an old wooden table & chair set, while the walls were lined with a bookshelf and dresser. Beyond that, the clothes kept going all the way to the far wall. On that wall was the last door in the house, which led to my “Jedi Loot Room.”

Sunday, March 28, 2004, 1:13:42 PM ( (ScreenShot1835)

The entire contents of this room were all looted off of that one Dark Jedi Master on Dathomir with Ciale that time. In a clockwise motion starting from the bottom left, here’s what we have: Two Bowcasters, a Wookie smock, a laser rifle, two laser carbines followed by an E11 Carbine, a force amplification crystal, a duster, the Eyes of Mesra (SWG’s version of a magic 8-ball), holocron shards, a dress, cracked force crystal, two spraysticks, FWG5, Power 5, Metal Dl44, broken lightsaber, another dress, and two more laser rifles. No matter how many times I saw it, I was always amazed that all of those items dropped from one mob.

The house itself and the haphazard way things were just thrown on the floor is a testament to the fact that I never really “got around” to properly decorating it. When I first placed things and items, vertical movement did not yet exist in SWG (this also explains why you don’t see paintings on my walls). Right around the time of this screenshot, the devs finally gave players the ability to move items up and down, so I would finally gain the ability to decorate the house the way I wanted to. The thing is… I was pretty attached to it the way it was. Darkghosty created 100% of the furniture, so I didn’t feel right replacing it. Also, in the early days, lots of people used my place as a safehouse on Lok… so 9 months later, when I looked around, I didn’t see a table a chairs… Instead I envisioned “the time we hung out and hammered down Nosuns currier routes” or whatever.

It wasn’t much, but I liked my first house the way it was. Junky stuff from a time that really meant a lot to me… so I made the decision to pretty much leave things alone for good, and instead, decorated my other house in Purgatory. There was only one problem… I was all of a sudden not a member of that city… or <LOK>.

Sunday, March 28, 2004, 7:46:16 PM (ScreenShot1839)

<LOK>, once again, was having its share of drama. There was a huge split, and when I logged in, I was greeted with a plethora of game mails telling me that so many of my friends quit the guild. The first thing I noticed was that Zox and Ciale left <LOK>. Florian (and I believe Ali also) had also quit the game all together (for Flo it would be a 4 month break, but Ali I don’t think ever came back). Destroyer quit the guild also… all in all, the guild lost half its members. There’s a lot of speculation as to what went down, but years later, I have some quotes from Destroyer (speaking towards and about Purgatori) that at least tells one side of the tale:

From the Destroyer Files (Used without his permission):


I wanted people to know that there is sufficient evidence they ****ed the guild over in one of our largest endeavors


you were the most self-centered people in the entire guild. All of you wanted to put in the time to be in LOK and say you had been there, but not once was it earned. You and Sakk spent countless hours grinding Jedi while others raised cash and characters to defend the city and engage in PvP. Some did that at the same time as hologrinding and, later, grinding Jedi.


Purgi acknowledged several times she probably would go Dark Jedi. What better way to find a cushy position with an Imp guild than to have some information on how LOK works and especially contacts still inside the guild?

Honestly, I don’t know what it was all about, on top of splitting servers, I was starting to play a little less then my normal marathon hours. Destroyer, who was normally not very nasty, is seen quoted here very pissed off. In the first quote, the “largest endeavor” he spoke of was Megabase, and from what I remember, someone compromised our base vulnerabilities, which led to a ton of finger pointing. In the second quote, he’s talking right at Purg, and talking about her sister Sakkara. As far as the third quote, I don’t ever remember Purgatori going Dark jedi, but again, I was not around the inner circle by this time so who knows.

I didn’t know much, but what I did know was that <LOK> was in chaos and I didn’t want to get involved because I was no longer the impact guy on Eclipse that I became on Tarq. When Ciale filled me in, the choice was clear. Zox, Ciale, Destroyer, and the loner himself, Rampage Savage, all joined some guild called <DOM> that was run by another defecting <LOK> member called Spoon (and his alt, McSpoon). I didn’t know what the deal was, but I knew that I went where my friends went, so I dropped <LOK> and asked Ciale to pull some strings and get me into <DOM>.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004, 11:35:41 PM (ScreenShot1873)

Leaving the drama on Eclipse for a minute, I headed to Tarq to shoot some more scenes for the comic. I had previously taken many shots of a GAT Acklay strike, but I needed to segue the story from the end of Issue #1 (the botched orbital strike)… so I enlisted GAT’s Mayor, Cerven, to help out. You can see me giving him directions in spatial chat, and poor Cerven having to spam emotes while I adjusted the camera a bunch of times. This scene was taken in GAT City Hall, and I ended up getting a little creative with the giant painting of Endor in the background. In the comic itself, I used a particular camera angle to make it seem like we were actually on Endor, which was a cool effect (although confusing to some readers).

Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 1:45:51 AM (ScreenShot1880)

Another shot that would make the next comic issue was Werrt’s Weapons shop. This is a good example of how players were jumping all over the ability to use the newly bestowed /moveFurnitureup & /moveFurnituredown to make some awesome creations. Werrts shop was one of the coolest places to be at the time, so I needed to figure out a way to get it into the comic. Much like Cervens scene from City Hall, I used Werrt’s shop to help transition from the botched strike to the Acklay hunt that I shot almost a week prior.

Saturday, April 03, 2004, 5:56:06 PM (Issue #2, Page 1)

Issue #2 opens up in <HATED>’s PA Hall. Rodd is at his desk, and quickly becomes the butt of a GAT April Fools prank. You can see that I put nonsensical names on the data disks (and also included that Pr0n Cube that I won at Koserks grand opening before he dropped Weaponsmith back in the day). The disk entitled “Rodd” was “taped over” by Tammo (formally Tamm, and Kamru), leaving Rodd pissed off because the disk was a message from Vroflus (who is now MIA). Daynk makes his first appearance in the comic, and he also had Jagermeister’s account, so I thought it would be funny to log in Jager & make him lay out drunk in the firepit (something the real Jager was probably doing irl). Once Rodd meets up with Cerven, I made some really good use of all the great emotes in SWG. I remember the Photoshop job that night thinking “wow it really looks like Rodd & Cerven are talking). Another little Easter Egg is in the “fake Endor” pane, where Rodd mimics Luke from EPIV and says “but I was going to goto the Tosche Station and pick up some power converters.” Finally, the page ends with Rodd in Werrt’s shop, where he finds out that Vro went back to Eclipse. Rodd then namedrops “Thunderdouche,” an inside GATer joke that I coined to abuse “Thunderheart,” one of the moronic SOE employees who was a beta tester that actually got hired to take the brunt of the communities abuse. The last pane shows Rodd buying a scythe and charging it to Tammo to get some revenge for the April Fools prank…

Sunday, April 04, 2004, 8:41:34 PM (ScreenShot1902)

The next night, I was over on Eclipse taking more shots for Vroflus’ side of the story. This was the first and only time I had someone help out on Eclipse, as none other then my good buddy Zox Denosis helped in multiple locations to make one of the best pages I ever churned out. This was one of the last times I’d ever see, or speak to Zox. He soon quit SWG for WoW, and never looked back. Losing Zox would be a big blow, as he was from my beta days, and whenever I saw him online, it was kind of like a beacon for me. Ramp, me, Zox, and Ciale were like 4 pillars that held up the SWG ceiling in my mind. It was bad enough Florian and Ali were leaving the game, but the thought of losing Zox too hit home a little bit. It wasn’t like Tarq, cause when GATers quit the game, I still saw them on the forums all day long. But on Eclipse, there was an eerie finality to it when my friends started to trickle away from SWG. Zox was one of my closest pals on Eclipse, and I really didn’t want to imagine what the game would be like without the guy…

Monday, April 05, 2004, 1:41:07 AM (Issue #2, Page 2)

Page 2 of the second issue was a hodgepodge of stock shots I had taken over the weeks. It starts out at one of the outposts on YavinIV where our group is buffing, and the we meet up with another GAT group to do a full raid. There’s really not much to explain for this one. There’s a lot of silly jokes and some off color humor. One thing that deserves some explaining is the outfits worn by Merrak and Carledo. Considering that they had so many alts, and they mastered professions faster the anyone we knew, we dubbed anyone who grinded with them students of “The Merrak School of Grinding.” The joke quickly got wings, as Merrak and Carl started to dress in kaki shorts and sandals, as if to imply that grinding was a form of vacation for them. Soon afterwards, it would not be uncommon to run into a bunch of GATers in one spot all sporting the same look, as “graduates” of the grinding course. Anyway, there wasn’t enough room (or time) to finish the Acklay hunt on one page… so the rest got split up and put in Page #3.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004, 10:39:05 PM (ScreenShot1934)

The next night, things felt a little surreal. I shot a GAT Kimo hunt for the comic (which never actually made it into the book), and the whole time I felt uncomfortable. The entire situation was out of whack. There I was, with my fellow “Composite-clones,” hurling mind diseases at a Kimo on Lok. I of course thought back to my early hunts on Eclipse, and how complicated things were when we had noob skillsets. Things were so different for me now. We’re just zerging Kimo after Kimo, no plan, no skill… Sure it was fun, but there was a feeling for me that my time on Tarq was winding down. GAT was clearly going to all leave the game as soon as they could get into WoW beta… so everything seemed to revolve around that. Would I leave SWG for WoW? I didn’t know. But one thing was for sure, GAT City’s days were numbered in SWG…

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  1. Hey Rodd, glad to see your finally posting again! It’s great to read about your experiences in SWG, and Beta 2 Blunder and Basilisk 2 Suncrusher are what led me to try the SWGEMU, even though I have never played SWG before!

  2. Very cool! Are you still playing SWGEMU?

    I should be posting about one per week so I hope you stick around!

  3. I started CH last night. This will take forever without being about to get CH XP via combat.

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