Entry #54
Tuesday, May 18, 2004, 6:02:08 PM (ScreenShot2043)

A few minutes later, I was still spamming screenshots just in case I ever went back to making the comic. I did a big shoot with Nym because I wanted him to play a role in the comic considering he was the guy who ran Lok canon wise. I also took a lot of shots of my pets and the area around my house. Mostly I think I was just getting reacquainted with Eclipse a little bit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 9:58:57 PM (ScreenShot2113)

7 days went by, and I was trying to make the best of SWG’s subscription cycle by hanging out with GAT in their final days in game. Of course some GATers would remain, but no where close to the numbers that we had during the peak times. On May 25th, we headed to Endor, to hit up the newly released Death Watch Bunker. The devs delivered some more high end content, this time revolving around the ability to create Mandolorian Armor and the corresponding jetpack. This was also a heavy comic shoot day, revolving around Rodd and Avidallah, Fushia’s Twi’lek alt… again, none of those shots ever made the book.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 10:16:23 PM (ScreenShot2130)

Once we got inside we were greeted with some more annoying movie cross over Super Battle Droids, and also some welcome adversaries in the Black Sun. They were dressed in Bounty Hunter and Mando armor, so it was something we were excited about doing. Very quickly we realized that our small 8 man group was no match for this high end dungeon, and we got thoroughly pwnt in less then 30 minutes. Things got so bad that I stripped down into my boxers to avoid the armor encumbrance, and went into full healer mode trying to keep the group on their feet. As far as the DWB itself, I honestly cant say too much because we didn’t get past the first hallway and this was the only time I ever made the trip over there. I wasn’t too upset though, because I got a lot of quality screenies destined for the comic (or so I thought).

Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 10:28:23 PM (ScreenShot2140)

After we had enough abuse, a few of us headed to the Theed Cantina to shoot some more of the comic. The premise was that Rodd and Avidallah had caught one another’s eye on the DWB hunt, so when Rodd saw her again in the Theed Cantina, he had to make his move. I always thought this premise had hysterical possibilities, and this screenshot of Rodd and Werrt is a total classic in my mind. There are a bunch of other shots leading up to this one showing them hanging out at the bar, and then all of a sudden they both notice this scantily clad Twi’lek in the crowd of Hologrinders. Werrt taps Rodd on the shoulder, motions over the the girl, and then Roddy slips into the crowd and starts grinding with her. Of course, no female could resist some spoiled Imperial brat, so Rodd convinces her to give him a private lap dance in one of the side rooms…

Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 10:37:28 PM (ScreenShot2173)

This circumstance naturally leads to Rodd being unable to keep his hands to himself. Of all the screens I took of the situation this one has always cracked me up. The mesmerized look in his eyes and the slow deliberate rising of his hands totally captured the idea I was going for. The end result was Rodd and his new chick stripping down and ending up at the bottom of the Theed waterfall getting it on… so while Vro was dealing with Nym and Jabba, Rodd was trying to fool around with chicks… some friend.

Thursday, May 27, 2004, 6:30:43 PM (ScreenShot2190)

Back on Eclipse, I was doing what many people would end up doing for years to come… grinding Black Sun spawns on Yavin trying to get Bounty Hunter armor to drop. As a pistoleer/CH, it would take me around 8+ minutes to kill these mobs, being very careful to avoid pulling aggro away from my pet. You can see me using “Masa,” and if you remember earlier in the story, that was Zox’s Rancor… which obviously means that Zox gave me both Rancors (Mune being the other one). It also means that he was giving away his items and leaving the game. Alistea did the same thing, giving me her two Frenzied Gurreks, “SuckaMC” and “OneTwoOneTwo.” It was a sad time, as I would get a /tell saying “hey can we meet up, I have something for you,” and know what that meant…

Thursday, May 27, 2004, 6:52:34 PM (ScreenShot2192)

As I realized it was taking forever to kill the Black Sun NPC’s, I ran into Spoon of all people… the guy who ran <DOM>. We really didn’t know one another at all, so this was a good chance to have some face time. I assume that as far as he was concerned, I was just some tag along that Ciale and the guys snuck into the mostly Jedicentric guild. Right before he showed up I looted a Black Sun belt, the most crappy of all Black Sun drops (although it did sell for 500k). I guess he figured I had the lucky touch, so we grouped up and searched for spawns. When we found one, I started to ask how he wanted to go about it. He responded “watch this…” All of a sudden “Dark Jedi Guardian” appeared under his name, and his purple one-handed lightsaber ignited.

I then realized what must have happened with <LOK>. There must have been a rift between the Jedi grinders, as some of them fell to the dark side. There were many other issues, but this one might’ve been in the mix as well. I didn’t even question it though, because I was too busy being completely blown away by what was happening in front of me. Spoon was tearing apart the same mob that would take me almost 10 minutes of calculated aggro control between multiple pets and myself. In less then a minute the Black Sun mob was trying to run away from Spoon, but that semed to play right into his hands. As the mob got about 10 feet away, Spoon reached out with the powers of the Dark Side, and applied a devastating volley of force lightning. The NPC fell to his knees, and then slumped face first into the grass. Spoon then turned his head over to me, nodded, and then went after the next spawn.

Thursday, May 27, 2004, 6:57:21 PM (ScreenShot2202)

5 minutes later, I decided to try and compete for aggro, which was a nonsensical lost cause. Spoon’s damage was like 10x mine, possibly because I was working my way back to master Pistols, but more so because he had great lightsabers and was pretty far up the skill trees. I instantly felt obsolete. Composite Jedi were even more intimidating close up then they were from a far. You were either one of them, or you were going to be one of their victims. God bless all the Bounty Hunters who stood up against them, because Jedi were seemingly unstoppable once they got far enough up their skill trees. The rest of us were pretty much just trying to peak out of their shadow, at least that’s how I felt as a CH/Pistoleer. I remembered back to launch and how CH’s were considered overpowered because they were able to have 3 Rancors out at once… is this how the other professions felt when they cried nerf against us?

Thursday, May 27, 2004, 7:43:40 PM (ScreenShot2208)

To cap off the night I met up with Princess Leia and took a bunch of screenshots of Vro pointing at her funbags. I really have no excuse other then I planned to make the comic as ridiculous as possible… I’m sure this would’ve helped that cause…